University of Sussex reviews

University of Sussex review

Sussex is a good uni, and living in Brighton has been fantastic, but, for those interested in uni clubs and societies, be aware that Sussex is really underfunded compared to other uni's. I'm a keen drama society member, but we don't have our own theatre and have to make do on very low budgets. Compare this with universities like Nottingham, who fund expensive venue hire and support their students on trips to the Edinburgh Fringe, and you can see our problem. However, Brighton is a good area for up and coming drama companies, so it is a good place to come to get involved. Also, there are plenty of oppurtunities to get involved with the Brighton Festival, which is a really exciting time. The social life is also effected by our lack of funding. We don't have proper balls here at all, and never have bands to play. Luckily Brighton has a good strong social scene. At Sussex, you don't get the typical uni experience of Balls, organised pub crawls etc. but you do get a strong politcal scene and a student orientated nightlife -it's brilliant, I love it, but do check you'll be provided with the facilites and finances for the type of activites you want to do at uni. If you do come here you'll love it, but I feel like maybe I've had to put more energy into getting something out of my uni experience then my friends at richer uni's have.