Aston University reviews

Aston University review

University sounds very daunting when your in the sixth form, NO matter how many people tell you that it will be the best years of your life, you will still be petrified. But honestly it is great fun and you get to meet so many people and get a degree at the same time. It is a life experience that i would never regret doing.

I dont tink it matters which uni you go to as long as your doing a degree you want to do, because anyone you speak to will tell you that theirs is the best uni in the coumtry!

The only biast opinion i have is that aston is good due to the fact that it is a campus university which means that everything is situated in the same place. All the halls of residence and the lecture rooms and the student union are all in the same spot. The location of aston uni is fantastic, its about a 10 min walk from the main train station in birmingam, between the station and the uni is the central shopping area. Even though it is in the centre of birmingham, it is very green, with a large lake and grass areas where everyone gathers in the summer.
Aston university is one of the smallest universitys in the country, with about 6000 students. This isn't such a bad thing because you get to know loads of people due to the small network of friendships. The student guild is getting better every year with lots of organised nights throughout the year. Regular nights include pounded every wednesday and nights on friday and saturday. Every couple of weeks a school daze night is organised with an act of some description. In the past we have had rainbow, abs from five, timmy mallet, trevor nelson, pop idol singers and loads more. Its a great laugh and most people are barely walking by the end of the evening.

In birmingham in general there are loads of things to do, its a great city with great student nights out, very cheap!

University is definitely all its cracked up to be. In the first year you live in halls with all the other first year students who are in exactly the same boat as you. No-one know anyone when you first arrive yet by the end of freshers week its like one big family and the beginning of some great friendships.

The university itself and the lectures are good too, with the second best business school in the country behind LSE in london. The facilitys are great. Developments are going on at the moment for new halls of residence.
The course i am on, managerial and admin studies is really good. It expands right across the whole of the business world from marketing and management to financial accounting. It allows you to keep your options open if you want to do business but aren't sure which way you want to go with it. There is the option in the second year to specialise in a certain area of business or to keep your options open. Language learning is also available in the second year.

The best advantage you gain at aston university is the chance to do a placement year. It happens after the second year before the final year and gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the real world before having to go out there alone. You still get your student loan and possibilties of being paid upto £20,000 for the years work which is great due to the amount of debt that you will be in by this point.

All in all its a great uni in a fantastic location and with great nightlife and restaraunts on the doorstep.

Aston University review

Aston has the best of both worlds cos its both a campus university but also is right next door to Birmingham city centre.

Brum is a thriving cosmopolitan city with fantastic shops and nightlife. On the other hand Aston is a really green campus and has a real community feel about it.

All the students are really friendly and theres no divide between the different ethnic groups. I've had a fantastic time here and really miss not being a 'proper' student! Its definitely worth a visit because it exceeds most peoples expectations.

Aston University review

Aston Uni is located on a green compact campus in the middle of the city center of Birmingham, the UK's 2nd city. It's like having the best of both worlds, because the campus is really nice and green with a lake and everything, and at the same time you have cinemas, cafes, pubs and Broad Street with lots of clubs and entertainment really close. Coming from a big city myself, I knew I wanted to live in a city when I went to uni.

Since it's a rather small uni, with only 6000 students, it's easy to get to know a lot of people. When I walk across campus I always meet someone I know!

I study at Aston Business School, which is highly rated. Finding a job afterwards shouldn't be much of a problem, both because of the placement year and because the employers know the Business School well.

The library is good and there are plently of computers available, so that's good. We have a grocery store on campus, as well as a campus shop, cafe, bar, hairdressers, travel agent, post office, 2nd hand book shop and much more. It's really amazing to have all these things on campus, it makes it very convenient!

I live in Halls of residence, and I am so glad I decided to. I'm in my first year, and it was the best way to get to know tons of people and make friends. All 1st years are guaranteed a place, which is good. Since it's a campus uni, all the halls are on campus, and you're never far away from the lecture theatres or the library, or the sports faclities. All rooms are single rooms, and you can chose whether you want to pay to have your own bathroom or not. The rent is £52.80 for standard and £81 for en-suite. It's not difficult to find a house when you're in your 2nd year either, everyone I know have sorted it out by now and they're not living too far away from campus.

My course is very interesting and a good mix of business and computing, I'm glad I chose it. I have around 12 hours of lectures and tutorials a week, which is perfect. All the lecturers are friendly and approachable, and I like studying here!

The social life is brilliant, because there are so many sports clubs and socities, and we have everything Birmingham has to offer so close! So you'll never be bored here!

All in all it's a really good uni, and I'm very glad i came here!

Aston University review

Aston is generally a really great place to live and study. Most of the staff are really friendly and after a while, you'll find that they are not scarey people, but people who are your friends and want to help you achieve all that you can. Even when you manage to make decisions that cause staff problems and headaches (like changing degree program after two years when you are due to do your placement) they are still really kewl, and helpful in sorting out what YOU want.

Aston, is small friendly, easy going and has a fantastic track record for employment, which lets face it, is the most important thing. Why have a fantastic degree if you can't get a job afterwards?

Aston isn't just about getting a degree it's about living life whilst studying. Aston has an amazing number of clubs and society's and is very pro-active on the social life of being at university. Even to the point where if there's not a club or society to cater for your needs they will help you organise setting a new club up and get you a bank account, and even give you money towards it!

If you have any questions about uni life at aston, or about any of the following courses: Computer Science, Business Administration, or anything to do with combined honours, please feel free to email me,

Aston has almost a 50/50 split boys to girls which is really good, and guild nights are fantastic especially freakers, sexual festich night!