The University of Manchester reviews

The University of Manchester review


- Not many hours a week
- Laughable workload
- Right Wing Personal Tutor
- Excellent Reputation
- Cheap Accommodation £1933 a year!
- Brilliant City
- One of the biggest libraries in the country
- Loads of great clubs
- My GOD! So many fit girls
- Great clubs and bars.

- Too many stupid Left Wing anti-war protestors who think their opinions are worth something; and dominate the student union.
- Its 3 fucking hours away from London and there it costs atleast £16 to get back.
- My Job up there is a joke
- Laughable workload
- My job up there sucks
- History department isn't that great.
- Initial reaction of people on my course is they think they are some sort of political analyists.
- I share my flat with a self rightgeous homosexual.
- My best friend doesn't go there.
- Crime rate bad
- A few of the girls on my course are ugly and some of the lads look like it would have been better if a bus ran over them.

The University of Manchester review

The uni is right in the middle of a huge city. There is one really beautiful entrance to the arts building which they take you in through on an open day, but the rest of it is sort of grey breeze block and concrete. The excessive amounts of rain also makes everything seem even worse.

At least there is a lot of nice people from all different backgrounds. Apparently everyone wants to employ us because we like having a laugh (and apparently do good work) although this could just be an ugly rumour circulated by the careers service. The careers fairs are the best source of freebies though (especially the law and finance ones!!).

In terms of facilities, there is a nice big library with a fun door - not that i tend to go in it that often!

The area is quite hilly, and the halls are quite close (about a mile away). All first years are guaranteed a place in hall, and there are hardly any double rooms at Manchester. It's also easy to find a place after halls, and they will be within 3 miles of the campus. The average rent is about £45 a week, although it can be cheaper.

My course is really good fun, and we have a mixture of lectures and tutorials. I have about 7 hours a week of lectures though lots to read. I spend most of the week sitting in coffee shops... There can be lots of work to do outside of class, but it all depends on your cleverness and motivation (or whether you pick the easy modules!)

You are spoilt for choice for entertainment. The union is good but there are so many other places to go that are better. The city centre is very near and there are loads of bars/clubs etc stretching all the way between uni and town - and there is loads in fallowfield where most students live. Most clubs have student nights too so its very cheap to go out.

The sports teams are very good, though I dont play alot of it. Personally, I recommend the Christian Union


Following the joining of the old University of Manchester and UMIST, the Univeristy of Manchester has emerged a formidable opponent to the high class student dominating University of London.

Featuring the same oppurtunities for entertainment, such as cinemas, Imax, art galleries, jazz clubs, an excellent nightlife, huge amounts of shopping and parks, as London, but at a fraction of the cost, Manchester is a sure fire hit with students, which explains it's student numbers. With a student base of over 40,000, it truly is a community unto itself.

With over £600,000,000 to spend on new buildings and other improvements, Manchester is truly a University with potential, and nothing to do but improve.


All I can say is, did you check the National Student Survey before applying for psychology? Manchester has been second to the bottom for student satisfaction for at least a couple of years.
Why are so many people unhappy? This course is a cash-cow. They take your money and give you very little back. The course is HUGE - increased from 160 to 270 in one go a couple of years ago with no increase in staff. In fact the department is haemorrhaging staff - the good ones are getting out quick rather than be associated with a failing department.
For the first 2 years, you'll be mainly taught in lecture theatres with 270 - 400 people. There are lab classes a couple of hours a week, generally run by a teaching assistant and post-grads. Just about all your marking for 2 years is done by post-grads. Its completely arbitrary and appeals are virtually impossible. This is particularly annoying in the 2nd year when the marks count towards your degree.
Staff are only interested in their research and treat undergrads like 1) children and 2) a major inconvenience. One to one contact time with staff is virtually non-existent.
The research interests of the staff are narrow and quite dull.
I don't know about other courses at Manchester, but I'd avoid Psychology if you have a choice.