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It appears that the stereotypical buzzwords remain regarding Oxford - white, middle-class, public schoolboy, posh, elitist...

I won't lie in saying that it's complete nonsense and that this group does not exist. But 'normal' students are certainly in the majority, with feedback from Access Scheme initiatives almost unanimously showing that people discovered their intitial mythical perceptions were false.

It's a university where you have the opportunity to make the most of your time here. If three or four years of intensive studying in world-class facilties and over 100 libraries appeals to you, then fine. For others, there's the opportunity to get involved in journalism - our student newspapers are certainly amongst the best in the country, plus music, drama and sport at any level.

Oxford's music scene isn't as bad as it sounds. Yes many clubs popular with students resort to same ol' same ol' cheese, but elsewhere there's live gigs weekly at Zodiac, serious trance at Coven II, top underground and mainstream acts at Po Na Na's and for clubbing at a 'normal' university Brookes is 50p away by bus. For club reviews visit www.geocities.com/musicplanet4k/

For drama, the numerous theatres allow students to direct and showcase their own plays, whilst the range from Varsity (university level) to your college's 2nd/3rd team for rowing, football, rugby... means *anyone* can get involved in the world of sport.

For student politicians, no institution boasts the alumni of Oxford. Whether it's The Oxford Union debating society, OUSU (Student Union) or JCR (your college student union) that takes your fancy, it's easy to get involved. And if you hate student politics, leave them to it and do whatever you enjoy - whether this is forming a band, chilling in the evening in one of our 40 odd pubs or a night in (with most JCRs having weekly cinema nights).

Yes the workload is comparatively insane, but it can be a truly amazing experience.

Some things you can get involved in: www.geocities.com/musicplanet4k/oxford.htm