The University of Liverpool reviews

The University of Liverpool review

the university of liverpool is a big place, and is mostly situated on campus just next to the centre of liverpool. it has a good atmosphere, and there are lots of cool places to eat and drink, like kimo's, the cambridge, the font as well as three bars in the guild. the guild is the biggest in europe and on a saturday night they can legally cram up to five thousand people in, with 2 bars open till 11, then another 5 inside in time tunnel. i think this is good because it guarantees a close atmosphere between everyone at liverpool, though it also means that if you scored with someone and didnt call, your guaranteed to see them again and maybe get a tearful earful! some of the guild is a bit shabby looking but beacuse its a listed building they have to get permission for everything they do to it (so they claim).
there are lots of cool places to drink in town, lots of pubs and clubs open till 2 or 3, with all types of music catered for, and a resurgent local scene in terms of hiphop, punk and drum and bass. there are better bands playing liverpool than used to, and we get the odd low key secret gig from big people if you keep your ear to the ground. there are a couple of nice posh bars down the docks too, you see people from hollyoaks there.
the university has pretty good resources, it has two libraries, the sidney james for arts and social sciences, and the leonard cohen for maths and metalurgy type sciences. most departments have their own libraries and computer rooms too. in terms of teaching, i think the university can suffer from being a bit remote; unless you get off your arse and go and speak to your tutors etc then you can go a long time without getting much feedback.

The University of Liverpool review

hi my name's matty and i'm a 3rd year music student at Liverpool uni. I guess im supposed to tell you about uni life here! I lived in liverpool anyway, so i thought i already knew all that there was to know about the city before coming to uni... i was wrong. Being a student here is very different from going to school here... in a good way. I think the accomodation is very good compared to most of the other uni's i visited (Derby and Rathbone Halls - part of Greenbank - are probably the best)and from what i've seen rankin halls in carnatic are probably the worst. There are a few good guild nights that you can go to, where you're bound to see loads of mates, although i prefare to head into the city centre where there are loads of quality bars like modos, baabaa, RSVP (for double vision)... the raz? It certainly has a night life to rival most other cities.
I'm biast but would have to say that liverpools rep as being full of thieving scallies is probably out of date and a little unjust now, but like anywhere else, there are some. i wouldnt let that affect your decision to come here.

My course is alright, but to be honest, i cant wait to get finished and out of the place now after 3 years. i study the classical side of music but do take some popmusic modules too. I think that these are generally pants -there are a few good ones but once you have done one, you've pretty much done all of them. If you want to carry on with the practical side of music (playing your instrument) its important to realise that having a grade 8 doesnt mean that you'l find it easy playing uni standard. I took 2 practicals in the 1st year (both wih grade 8's distinctions), and havent done any since.
The lectures are given in much more of a classroom format then american teen movies would have you think (no big lecture theatres), which is good and bad. You get more done, but they notice if you're saggin.
There are loads of orchestras and ensembles that you can join too, giving regular recitals...
There are plenty gigs going on around the city at night unrelated to uni, which are well worth seeing. ( will give you an idea of the local band scene if you're interested.)
All in all iv enjoyed myself here. I certainly dont think i could have enjoyed myself anymore in a diff uni. The best thing about being in uni here is that there always seems to be freindly faces about, whether on campus, or smithdown road (where most of the students live after 1st year.)

If you dont enjoy your time at liverpool id guess it was more the course then the place that you didnt like instead of the place. Having said that, it is still recognised as being one of the best places to go for music, and most of peole on my course love it!
Why not come for an open day and get a feel for the place - its worth a look at least.

The University of Liverpool review

Right I'm currently studying Medicine in Liverpool and it's great - both the course and the city:

The course:

There are 2 course operating, a 5 year course and a 4 year graduate entry course. Problem based learning (PBL) is the main learning style here. With this you have a PBL meeting with about 6-7 other students and a tutor and brainstorm topics which you are required to learn for each module. The duty is the yours to go away and learn all your objectives to be able to present the topics to your peers the next week.

Clinical skills tuition begins weekly from 1st year onwards, as does human anatomy and communication skills.

Clinical attachments begin from the start of 2nd year. Increasing in number until you're averaging 3 days a week at the start of 3rd year and 4 days a week in 4th year.

Plus points:

The early clinical exposure and PBL are great for those who can't stomach lectures. Your clinical competance, history taking, presentation skills will be very good. The entire 4th year spent in hospital is a valuable learning experience. liverpool has specialist hospitals/ centres: Alder hey (paediatrics), Women's hospital (Obstetrics and gynaecology) and the cardiothoracic centre.

The liverpool medical students society (LMSS) provide fortnightly paries, 5 balls a year, a play, a fashion show, a charity slave auction, a magazine plus much much more. Check it out:

Bad points:

Like an increasing number of medical school Liverpool doesn't dissect. Human prosections are available for learning. A dissection based special study module (SSM) is available to some students in 3rd year. The lack of formal lectures can be quite annoying sometimes and in the early years you may struggle knowing how much detail to do topics on PBL courses. Also the hospitals for 4th year include Barrow and Lancaster which are MILES away.

The city:

North-west, merseyside, brookside, beatles - blah blah blah.

Average pint price= £1.20
Excellent nightlife.
Dirt cheap
Average rent: £42 per week
halls accomodation: Around £48-55 per week. Self catered is on campus. Catered is about 20 minuted bus ride away. A direct bus link operated between uni and halls.