Why should we offer you a place?

With this question, universities are looking for passion/enthusiasm for the chosen subject.  They want to be as sure as possible that you aren’t going to drop out, as there is a high drop-out rate in the first year.

Show a commitment to the course, as once you are in you can change courses, but you need to get in first!

Admissions tutors are also looking for good grades, so tell them your predicted grades and make reference to any outstanding achievements at school or college to prove your academic capability.

They also want an ‘all-rounder’ – someone who can make an impact on the social side of university, such as joining clubs and societies, rather than just getting good grades.

The general impression you want to give here is that you are motivated, enthusiastic, and open to new opportunities and life experiences.

Model answer

Now is not the time to under-sell yourself. Talk about your academic achievements, how committed you are to continuing your studies in more depth, and your passion for the subject.

Mention your chosen career path and how a gaining a degree is the best way to get on the career ladder.

Talk about why you chose them over other universities, mention their reputation for a particular course if appropriate. As an example, Strathclyde University is well known for its Business School and School of Engineering.

Also mention getting good A Level grades to prove your academic capability.

After talking about your studies, go on to emphasise personal qualities that will make a difference to the university, such as integrity and reliability.

Talk about any volunteer roles or work experience that allowed you to develop ‘people’ skills, and expand on anything related to this that is included in your personal statement.