Why have you decided not to take a gap year?

Universities generally welcome applicants who have taken a gap year, and understand that a year out can make students more focused when they return. However, showing commitment to your studies and a keenness to start university life will impress tutors, and demonstrates that you know what you want.

Model answer

Whilst you understand and acknowledge the benefits of taking a gap year in terms of earning money and gaining life skills,

a) You have specific career plans that would be disrupted by taking a year out

b) You are keen to start university life, know the subject area you want to take, and feel that in your case taking a gap year would not be in your best interests

c) You do not want to be a year behind your friends

d) You don’t want to lose momentum with your studies

These reasons all demonstrate maturity and by acknowledging the many benefits of taking a gap year, you have clearly considered all your options to arrive at a positive decision.