What do you think university can offer you?

The admissions tutors want to ensure you are going to contribute socially to the university as well as academically, and are trying to establish how much or how little you will engage in student life.

If you join clubs and societies, the Student Union receives more funding, and can organise more events in support of the university. Additionally, representing the university in sporting activities is good publicity for them.

Tutors also want you to talk about an opportunity to further and deepen your studies in your chosen subject. They will try to find out whether you know about areas of your course in which you can specialise later on, and this is a good opportunity to talk about career plans.

Also include how they can offer you the chance to develop life skills, such as good communication, time management and leadership.

Model answer

The main thing to remember is to show enthusiasm for learning, and then talk about wanting to get the most out of all the opportunities available to you at university. Focus on the all-round experience that university offers, including your plans for joining specific teams and societies. This shows that you have done your research.

Your answer can be broken down into academic and social opportunities, but the skills learnt are transferable. For example, the leadership skills and responsibility needed as captain of the athletics team could be put to good use when doing group project work.

 In your answer, also include:

  • Better employment opportunities
  • Learning how to be independent
  • Making connections with industry via the university
  • If your course offers a year or semester abroad, mention the opportunity to experience a different culture