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Studying Sports Science at Advanced Level has confirmed that a sports related career is the path I would love to follow. At GCSE, I was able to gain an in-depth understanding of not only the physical side of PE, but also the theory, which has now been developed by my A level studies. The theory aspect of PE appeals to me greatly, as it aids my understanding for successful personal competition and explains how some elite performers have an additional edge to go on to win major competitions. Achieving this success takes two mains characteristics into consideration, the physiological element of sport and also the psychological side. Due to these qualities I decided that Biology and Psychology would complement my understanding of Sports Science. In these additional studies, I have furthered my knowledge of complicated processes such as the mechanism of the heart and brain, and applied it to my Sports Science knowledge, giving me a more comprehensive understanding of a topic

In 1996, I joined Ipswich Harriers Athletics Club and discovered my passion and talent for throwing the javelin. Since then it has become more than just a hobby; I have pursued the sport, participating in events initially for my club, and more recently for the County. I have consistently been County Champion and attended English Schools this year, not for the first time. I was also offered the chance to compete at an international level for Northern Ireland, but unfortunately had a serious back injury at the time, which has since recovered. I am hoping that next season the opportunity to compete at this level will arise again to help me develop my sporting career

For the past two and a half years I have been working at Anglia Indoor Kart Racing. Once again, this enables me to incorporate another sport I enjoy into my time. Throughout my time here I have become more experienced, beginning as a track marshal and now regularly race directing and training new staff. My race directing involves having the confidence to brief a large group of people about the running of each meeting and certain safety measures. The job also entails me commentating on the race, controlling the computer, directing the marshals and taking responsibly for my colleagues and the customers. I am a trusted member of the team and often handle money in the café. I am also very reliable, always being punctual

Throughout my time at school I have been keen to help promote it. To do this I have helped at Open Evenings, and have aided less able pupils with their reading on a one-to-one basis. I found this very rewarding and satisfying. Another experience that I thoroughly enjoy is assisting in Lower School PE lessons. This gives me the opportunity to observe teaching methods, and work with small groups of children of mixed abilities to improve their skills and confidence

Besides promoting the school in a social manner I upheld its reputation in its sporting successes. This included captaining the basketball and athletics teams and playing for the football, cricket, badminton and volleyball teams.

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Exellent personal statement.

Exellent personal statement. really helped me with mine. gotta love copy and paste. cheers

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i think this is an excellent personal statement, and it has relly helped me out. thanks.

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personal statement was great

personal statement was great help, i to have studied them A levels and competed at the english schools athletics champs but in the high jump, 400mh and each age group of the combined events and had a severe injury which made me miss both ES champs that year after qualifying so was able to relate to your statement :)


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