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It has been fifteen years since I was molested. It has been fifteen years since I knew I wanted to be in theatre. However, once I grew older, I did not want to be an actress, I wanted to be behind the scenes and manage people.

Once I found out about the Theatre Administration major at Howard University, I knew I found my calling. It gave me the opportunity of knowing the production aspect of theatre, the financial skills and the ability to use my creativity and entertain people.

I always wanted to learn how the productions of Broadway developed, but I never thought it was going to be so demanding. While I worked on Howard University's adaptation of A Chorus Line, I have gained many skills, including leadership skills.

I have adapted to the long hours and after working on Gum and Day of Absence I have seen and experienced the different aspects of working on a production. Being part of the running crew has given me further knowledge of handling stage hands, once I open my own production company.

Theatre Administration has given me many of the skills to handle the financial aspect of the production. Having accounting skills and economic traits, gave me the ability of running the box office and handle any other books needed to keep the company financially afloat.

Making a budget for any business is very important, but keeping in the lines of a budget is the real test. Given my leadership skills and quick decision making, going over budget for any show will not happen.

Creativity is important in this market, though we are not the artistic directors, our opinions count. Knowing the technical and artistic part of the business, for I was running crew for the crafting of the stage, I would know how to give my creative opinion about the whole project, while keeping it in the budget.

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