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Music is a way of telling a story. It can be used to evoke feelings both within the listener and the performer. In my spare time I enjoy attending music gigs/festivals; which I have been frequently going to for a number of years. Seeing music live creates excitement and enjoyment for myself, I wish to get involved in the music industry and in particular the live events so that I can share that experience and enrich people’s lives.
During my time working in a care home I assisted in the setting up of the Christmas party along with other parties during the summer for the residents. This is where I discovered my passion for organising, setting up and ensuring the smooth running of events. While doing this I had a keen eye for detail and liked to ensure that everything completed as correctly as possible. Along with this it prompted me to want to pursue a career in organising events after seeing the enjoyment that can be brought by a carefully planned and executed event coming to fruition.

While working as a healthcare assistant at Cheltenham general hospital, I frequently had to think on my feet and prioritise my tasks. Whilst working in a hospital, problems frequently arise and you have to be able to adapt in order to make sure that everyone is safe and all tasks are completed to a satisfactory standard. I believe that the skills that I have learned here, being able to prioritise and make decisions under pressure, will greatly help me when organising and executing events.

Along with this while in this position I had to work irregular hours, I thrived in this environment. Whilst working to plan and execute events from large to small you need to be prepared to work all hours of the day to ensure that the occasion is a triumph. I wish to pursue a career where every day is different and no job is the same as the last. Within my degree and future career I would like to challenge myself, with new tasks and obstacles to overcome on a regular basis.

I am currently in the Tresham Student Union as part of the Access course events team. I regularly attend TSU meetings where we discuss problems with the college and prioritise what needs to be done. We then have to decide what to pass onto the Principal. Along with this in the future I will be assisting in the organising of events and trips for the students of the college.

I am currently personally planning the prom for the Access students that finish in July; this consists of 130 students across the three tresham campuses plus optional guests. I have selected a venue and in the coming weeks will be organising entertainment and food for the event. I will also be selling tickets to the students in order to finance the prom. I have a good concept of numbers and believe that this will help me with the organising of finances while planning this event.

Previous years have shown me that I contain and have gained qualities that are necessary to being successful in the events management industry. I know I will enhance and develop all of the skills during my time doing this degree to allow me to build a fruitful career in this sector.

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This personal statement was written by LSillince for application in 2013.


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