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When I was sixteen years old, after completing my Junior Certificate, (Irish equivalent of GCSE's), I made plans to do my Leaving Certificate and go on to University. However life did not produce as planned. I found myself working in dead end jobs and suffering severe job dissatisfaction I found myself saying: 'If only I'd...'

I initially applied to study Molecular Medicine at another university but having spoken to a recent graduate of Brighton University's and researched into the subject area myself, I came to realise that I had made a misconception of what exercise science involves and the wrong choices about my future. This is why I have chosen Sport Science/ Exercise Science.

I am now definite and clear about the choices I want to make

I have an obvious interest in science, especially nutrition and research. It is my wish to have the widest possible knowledge on sport / exercise science along with physical education

I have chosen to study Sport Science for various reasons. I believe that it is the health degree of the future and I have an interest in nutrition and I am keen to learn how nutrition in sport can be advantageous, if not crucial in competition, also I feel that completing my PGCE whilst at Brighton could broaden my skills and employability as well as teaching others the importance of exercise and healthy lifestyles.

My future plans are to complete a BSc in Sport/Exercise science then after graduating with an honours degree it is my ambition to continue studying at postgraduate level. I am confident in doing so

I am currently completing an Access to Science course at Sussex Downs College. This course will equip me with a strong scientific background and develop my interpersonal skills such as team working, as well as biomechanics and sport science, chemistry, methodology, psychology, mathematics and many others.

I am positive that I have the communication and organizational skills and personal qualities required to pursue my academic ambition

I want to enjoy university life and there is no question in my motivation and enthusiasm, and look forward to a challenging and satisfying course that offers me so much variety

I enjoy keeping my Spanish language skills up to date, travel and learning new skills. Since acquiring a back injury whilst horse riding, my levels of activity have unfortunately had to lower to swimming, power-walking and running. Other academic interests include reading, I am currently reading "Genome, The Autobiography of a Species", by Matt Ridley.

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To my mind, your personal

To my mind, your personal statement's end should be more clear and motivated. Because it seems to be not finished. No offence please, I just want to give a piece of advice.

u keep saying about all the

u keep saying about all the things that have gone rong 4u... horse riding accident & bad jobs etc. U need 2 b more positive an motovational... no offence:)

I think your use of language

I think your use of language is very good. You have turned your negatives into positives so u now no exactly what u want and how to go about it. It could of been more up beat but you were being honest, that counts for alot. Well done, i hope u got your place.


I cannot thank you enough for the blog.Thanks Again. Great.

keep positive

keep positive

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