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Today within our society, the wide sport sector is expanding and developing and is becoming more influential in our lives. This increase in popularity and accessibility has had an affect on my interest and involvement in this subject and the different aspects involved in sport. My awareness has developed -not just in the practical aspects of sport- but the way in which it
is analysed through newspapers and the media and to a certain extent the business side of it.

I have been drawn in by sport from a young age and my attraction has amplified and my taking part in sporting activity increased. For many years, I have played football week by week and have constructed an understanding of the sport. My knowledge of the professional game has been altered through resources and articles in newspapers and reading and developing opinions based
on the writing in front of me. Accomplishment in my exams also encouraged me to further widen my options in a sporting career and showed me that success can be achieved through sheer hard work and perseverance.

Towards the end of my fourth year at High School I attended work experience at a football coaching establishment. This gave me an insight into how organisations, such as coaching, are run and maintained. I worked on administrative tasks and practical aspects of coaching where I gained valuable knowledge and experience. I therefore became further motivated to follow my passion and become involved in what I read about and watch in the media.

I have participated in many activities at School both sporting and non-sporting which have helped improve my listening and communication skills. I am currently in the Events Committee at my School, which involves many responsibilities in planning and implementing new ideas for seasonal and formal occasions. It also requires me to be open to others' opinions and include my own input, to reach a conclusion that will benefit for the entire year group. Throughout my High School years, I have also shown a keen interest in specific curricular activities. History has always caught my attention, as I enjoy developing my knowledge in ancient and modern historical events, ranging from the Roman Empire, to the "Great War".

Outside of school, I am frequently occupied working at a large retail store. Here, I have a number of daily duties in which I have to fulfil. I have widened my knowledge of marketing and advertising through observing my superiors in the work place and the various techniques used to attract customers. Involvement with colleagues has allowed me to work in a group and
communicate effectively to complete a task. I enjoy indulging in many sporting activity, mainly tennis and football and like to keep up-to-date on sporting news by observing the events taken place on television. I have recently been intrigued by the way in which sport is described and reported in newspapers and have now shown a keen interest in different techniques used in articles and accounts. Reading sporting articles has become a hobby for me and the history of sport over the years has also appealed to me, as it is something I plan on learning about in further education.

The subjects I have previously studied and are currently studying at school have given me many options in a variety of career choice. My exam results have also given me hope to pursue a career in topics that I enjoy greatly, such as history and journalism. Although, my long-time enjoyment in sport and sporting activity has been challenging and satisfying, as I hope my future career will replicate.

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This personal statement was written by azza11 for application in 2009.

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I worked on my personal statement for a long time and believe it is good enough to get me into the course i want to study at Uni! I am still studying for more Highers, so hopefully i should achieve the qualifications i need. I hope my statement can provide help to anyone wanting to study Sport.


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Great Personal Statement,

Great Personal Statement, hope you do well in life!

ermm... no chance, rethink

ermm... no chance, rethink your life pal

Good Statement good luck in

Good Statement good luck in life

mate you is like an inspiration in it brav mert


Thank you for your post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

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