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Within the first year of secondary school, I realised that Geography and PE were by far my favourite and strongest subjects. My favourite area of PE is contemporary issues such as the role that government and media play in sport and the way that tribal societies have used sport as an everyday means of survival.

As Senior Sports Captain, I take on many different roles within the PE department. I have provided support to the PE staff in their lessons by helping coach the lower year students.

I am actively involved with sports day and indoor athletics evenings. At present I run a netball club for year 6 pupils from the prep school. In recent years I have attended a variety of sports related workshops such as a Golf Extreme workshop run by the Golf Foundation and an Emergency Aid course run by the FA. In 2007 I received a Community Award from Croydon Council for my contribution to sport.

Since the age of six I have been a loyal and passionate supporter of Crystal Palace FC, following the club up and down the country to support them. These activities have helped me develop my confidence, good communication and leadership skills.

Along with PE I am also keen to study Geography. I like the fact that geography is not just a classroom based subject and that I can get out and gain knowledge and experience 'hands on'.

I have had great pleasure in participating in many field trips over the last few years.

Topics covered have included coastal erosion in the Isle of Wight, coastal ecosystems, settlements and river work in North Wales, flood management at the Thames Barrier and I have studied the salt marshes on the Kent coast. In November 2007 I was asked by the geography department to accompany and help students from year 10 on their trip to Dartmoor.

I have actively promoted the subject of geography to younger students and their parents when the school has hosted open evenings. Skills acquired through geography such as the ability to research and team working will, I hope, help my transition into university life.

My commitment and enthusiasm for school life have been demonstrated by my involvement in many clubs and societies.

As Secretary of Interact, I helped raise £800 for the Make A Wish Foundation and at present we are raising money for the Red Cross International Charity by organising a multicultural day. Other areas of responsibility include leader of Christian Group, Head Peer Mediator and I am very proud to have been elected as this years Deputy Head Girl.

In year 10 I completed two weeks work experience at a local primary school and this has helped me decide that I would like to go into teaching as a future career.

I believe that I will achieve great personal satisfaction in helping young people to develop and motivating them to do well.

At present I work part time as a sales assistant for Superdrug. I really enjoy working directly with the public and this has greatly increased my confidence as well as motivated me to exceed with my sales targets.

I look forward with excitement and anticipation to the years ahead. I will strive to work hard and enjoy university life and hopefully make my family proud of me.

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This personal statement was written by nicolaw for application in 2009.


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Wow this is a really good

Wow this is a really good personal statement! Strange combination of subjects though.

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