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My ambition is to become a fully qualified Physiotherapist. I am very interested in this career and work experience I have undertaken has confirmed my interest. I recently attended an exploring physiotherapy 3 day course at Nottingham University. This gave me an insight into the different fields available and what studying physiotherapy will be like.

I have always been fascinated about the body and biological science and want to work with people and see physiotherapy as an excellent way of combining this along with the challenge of biological science.

I have completed work experience at a severe special needs school, a sports injury and private physiotherapy practice, an army base, animal hydrotherapy and a rotational placement around the hospital. My work experience made me realise the variety and differences between the different fields. I have seen hydrotherapy pools, tens machines, and ultrasound all used in treatments along with manipulation and massage.

A physio tries to improve the quality of someones life without use of drugs or surgery and help them achieve their personal highest standard of living. I also understand that phyios are not able to help everyone and they are a part of a multi disciplinary team.

Showing my team work skills I have completed bronze D of E and am nearing completion of silver.

My work experience in the special needs school allowed me the opportunity to learn Makaton sign language. This enabled me to communicate with the children along with methods such as picture exchange communication. These communication skills are needed for my work. I am a toddler gym coach and a Trampolining coach for 4-18 year olds. I have to be patient, imaginative and quick thinking for this job. I need to put across an instruction in many different ways so the individual can understand but also make the learning fun. I also help at school with a paired reading scheme.

Inside school I am part of a German exchange scheme, in which I also take an organisational role giving presentations to parents and children about to join the scheme. Crossing communication barriers some people find difficult but I go on international rallies with the camping and caravanning club meeting people from many different languages and still find a way to communicate.

At school I run a wind band. This shows my organisational and leadership skills. I have to be understanding and listen to the needs of individuals, recognise their problems and help them overcome them. Also needed is enthusiasm and to provide the students with motivation. Arranging concerts and the work involved to overcome obstacles I am faced with shows my dedication. I am in a variety of musical groups at school, local and county level but my best musical achievement is obtaining a place in the National Schools Symphony Orchestra. This shows my determination to succeed. It took a lot of self motivation to achieve this place and shows my ability to cope under pressure as I completed the audition process.
My biggest achievement was in 2002 to receive the National Young Achiever of the Year award from the camping and caravanning club.

I hope I have showed you how much I wish to study physiotherapy and that I have the skills needed to be a successful physiotherapist. If I gain a place on your course I promise that I will do my very best as Physiotherapy is definitely the career I want to pursue.

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it's cool... but i'v herd beta.

v impressive!!

loadsa wrk experience puts others to shame!! Hope she got a place in the course!

All very good apart from the

All very good apart from the last paragraph (which is a little cheesy)

im a physio, its an OK

im a physio, its an OK statement but once you qualify there are no jobs, think about it and do something else


not bad

Excellent! I wish i could

Excellent! I wish i could write something as good as yours. Well done.


Worst personal statement in the history of personal statements!! sorry....

Solid !

Sounds all right huh !

ohh dear!

Is there really no jobs??

Good personal statement by the way.. agree with the others about the last paragraph though, bit cheesy.


if you think it's best for you then go on....whatever criticism you may encounter, it helps you to realize if you want to pursue to become a PT or not!


poor til say the least...


Enjoyed every bit of your post.Thanks Again. Cool.

very good PS, straight to the

very good PS, straight to the point. One query to everyone;how is the situation with employment rates with physiotherapy????

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