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Success in my school studies and outside interests has given me a secure foundation to embark on a degree course in sport with confidence and excitement

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying physical education at G.C.S.E and A level. The physiological side has been an enjoyable and interesting part of the course. It has enabled me to have a fuller understanding of how the body works especially in relation to practical sport. As well as the academic content of the course I have also enjoyed the practical aspects. At my first secondary school I was a member of the school hockey and netball teams. In my position as captain of the school netball team for four years, I have gained the opportunity and skill to motivate others to succeed. My enthusiasm for netball first came when I was chosen from trials to play for Aylesbury town. I was delighted at the end of that season when I was presented with runner up Player of the Year. I then pursued my netball career by joining the under 16's South Buckinghamshire County netball team. This gave me the opportunity to gain more skills and experience in netball by playing alongside people of a very high standard. As a regular member of the senior school netball team and Aylesbury women's league I am very keen to pursue this interest at university. I also attended a level 1 assistant coach course for netball in June 2002. For the next fourteen weeks I will be working with Active Sports Bucks development programme for netball, coaching one of the satellite academies. This is an exciting opportunity as I will be learning about Sport England's development programme and also be part of it. Working with young children who have an inspiration to play netball will be very beneficial to me. Not only will they be learning something from me but I will be learning from them too. Being a qualified coach and a regular netball player I have developed a number of abilities: being part of a team, listening and learning from others and helping others in a positive and motivating way. These have all helped me to develop transferable skills which can be applied to many situations in every day life. I also enjoy athletics which I participated regularly at the girl's athletics league right up to the end of year eleven. Unable to participate in sixth form I assisted in the girls athletic events when it was held at Aylesbury high school

Studying Communications and Classical Civilisation at A level has helped me to gain a number of skills. Communications has taught me different types of leadership skills which will be very useful to me when coaching, also the importance of non-verbal communication which has helped me to understand and analyse people. But most of all the ability to communicate the most effective way in different situations

By studying Classical Civilisation I have improved my essay writing and the ability to analyse literature. I believe all these skills will help me considerably in my chosen degree course

Working part time as a receptionist in a busy and successful leisure centre has giving me hands on experience in the leisure industry. As a receptionist we held many responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the centre. From this employment I have gained the experience of excellent customer service skills and a valuable insight in the leisure business. I also enjoy going to the gym and fitness classes. I find that being physically fit helps to improve my mental concentration

Studying a sport related degree will enable me to develop the theory side in more detail to hopefully give me a deeper understanding of the psychological and physiological aspects of sport.

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this aint a chat room, and

this aint a chat room, and yeh i know i am controdicting myself.



Well i thought it was good. (

Well i thought it was good. (",)xxxxxx

dont really see the point in

dont really see the point in the rest of these comments but i thought it was not bad but you didnt mention much about why you wanted to study the course :D but otherwise good

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