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I feel the time I have spent out of education has allowed me to mature in a way in which I didn't realise possible. Mainly due to the experiences thrown at me, which I have had to deal with, cope with and most challenging of all, learn to live with. Accepting these changes has developed my personality in a way not perceivable through many other circumstances. It has given me the time and aided in showing me what I want and exactly where my interests and attributes are best suited. With this newfound decisiveness has come a sustained level of focus commitment and dedication, which in retrospect I previously lacked. Overall my time out of education has not only changed my outlook on life but I feel it has also changed the way in which I tackle the obstacles and problems I am faced with, both on a personal and academic level. Subsequently I feel I have become more objective, practical and apply myself with a considerable amount of maturity, making me ideally suited to a challenging course

I have worked for the N.H.S at my local hospital for almost three years. Working in this environment has opened my eyes and given me the scope to develop my communication skills and time management. I have learnt how to socialise with a wide variety of people and often relate to people both older and younger with dissimilar outlooks, experiences and backgrounds than my own Class participation as a mature student, work and life experiences have collectively taught me the importance of relating information to an individual, by taking into account their individual cognitive processes of understanding new ideas and then applying them in a context best suited to that individual. Whether it is in a team environment or an individual one to one basis. This has been the base from which I feel I have developed complex communication skills

In studying Biology and sport studies my interest in sport and the human body have developed in such a way that I feel my enthusiasm has had chance to shine in area's from biomechanics, the bodies muscular make up, sporting physiology and performance right through to genetics and the reasons behind physiological make up. Practical work both in a lab and field environment has aided me in developing what I believe is an already highly analytic mind with a versatile approach to problem solving. Making me best suited to a course and career, which require these attributes

Throughout school both curricular and extra curricular activities have been an integral part of my life ranging from attending county level athletics events and a highly successful visit to Spain on a football tour of Barcelona in year 8 with school to recreational golf outside of school. I realise the importance and value of learning via many different sources. Despite suffering from temporary health issues, I have taken full advantage of the facilities around me and continued to enhance my knowledge of the different aspects of sport through fellow sportsmen and women, using a mental rehearsal and observing live sport. I have had to show a high level of determination to remain active in sport, so much so that I played the same week I was due for my operation with partial sight and continue to play school and league football

My studies in Art have helped me to express myself in a creative and constructive way, whilst still being able to meet specifications and deadlines. However my work has personal, innovative, inquisitive and practical elements incorporated. I feel this has given the work I have produced in this last year the strength to exceed the requirements needed, but with a twist of originality and imagination to also make it refreshing.

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Wow that is such a good

Wow that is such a good personal statement!

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Hey, thanks for the article post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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