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Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed engaging in Physical Education and would like to pursue my career in the field of sports science. I have always had a keen interest and have felt very passionately when it comes to the practical and theoretical work concerning Physical Education. I am very aware of the importance of exercise and the related issues of diet and fitness on the prevention of injury in the human body

I am currently studying A2 Physical Education, A2 Psychology, and AS Biology. These subjects have appealed to me because of the variety of topics that they covered. The aspects of Biology I find particularly interesting are about health and nutrition and how the body is affected by exercise and nutrition. In Psychology, I am very interested in what makes people unique and how the psychological or mental conscience could affect an individuals thinking. During my time studying Physical Education, I have undertaken research assignments in a variety of topics such as motivation, reinforcement, and local provisions. Completing these assignments has always been a challenge and it gives me a chance to work hard and improve my knowledge in Physical Education

I have been awarded my 'Community Sports Leadership Award (CSLA)'. As part of this course I was required to complete a number of hours of voluntary work putting my skills into practice. My voluntary work included helping to organise an indoor sports competition, taking P.E lessons for a primary school, and assisting with badminton sessions at my local leisure centre. I have also achieved a 'First Aid' qualification which has enabled me to acquire the knowledge when dealing with dangerous or life threatening injuries. I am now fully qualified to work with children of all ages participating in sporting activities

I am an active person with a wide variety of interest outside college

I have a keen interest in sports and have represented my school and college cricket teams as well as representing my local club. Other sporting interests include playing Badminton, Squash, Football, Hockey, and Volleyball. I enjoy going to the gym, and like to travel around the U.K during my holidays

Studying Sports Science will require commitment and hard work, and I am determined to use my time and dedication in this field as I hope to achieve my career aspirations by studying sports science, which would hopefully lead me to the direction of becoming a successful sports therapist.

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few minor grammar mistakes,

few minor grammar mistakes, but other than that- excellent!
Straight to the point, no babble, your experience and awards speak for themselves!
Sure you'll have no trouble being accepted!

Well done with this personal

Well done with this personal statement works well with specific detail and information

why dont you do a sports

why dont you do a sports therapy course if thats the career you want? :)

who is this? intruder?

who is this? intruder?

This personal statement has

This personal statement has been very helpful, thank you. As far as the dick heads above who have obviously completed degrees and gone on to doctorates, why exactly are they using a site to provide assistance with personal statements?



This is a great attempt.. it

This is a great attempt.. it has helped me a lot!! Thanks :)

Thanks very much for this it

Thanks very much for this it helped me greatly. i couldnt have done my personal statement without it!

I need a personal statement about sport Psychology

If possible please give me a example personal statement about sport and exercise psychology.


dis is well sick in it lad

Really helpful, helped to

Really helpful, helped to give me a good structure for my personal statment :) thanks

Thankyou very much.

Thankyou very much.

very helpful if only mine was

very helpful if only mine was like this

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