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From an early age I have been fascinated by the workings of life. The human body is a remarkable machine with many diverse systems producing an organism that could never be artificially reproduced.

My love of science is just one of my reasons for choosing medicine. I enjoy a challenge particularly towards a rewarding objective and although medicine is a tough career it can be enormously gratifying, highlighted by the doctors I have spoken to during my experience and on a personal level.

To further my insight into the medical field I participated in a work shadowing week at a GP surgery.

I gained a valuable understanding of the workings of the surgery, with opportunities to observe and speak to the doctors regarding a medical career.

I arranged another placement week myself at a local hospital, which was a superb opportunity to observe medicine from another point of view.

I observed the ward rounds, an MRI scan, a skin biopsy and an endosocpy clinic all which I found interesting.

I spent the most time with the haematology team, responsible for patients with diseases such as Chronic Myelogenous Leukaemia (CML), haematology being one of my interests it was captivating that I could see the specialty from a more complex side than the AS biology course. For example I was able to understand how the level of platelets affects blood clotting.

Throughout the week I expanded my confidence and communication skills through speaking to patients and doctors.

Although I enjoyed the week it was at times extremely heart-rending, I was able to get close to many of the terminally ill patients helping and caring for them where I could, getting them tea or just talking and empathising with them to build their spirits.

I volunteered at a local home for the elderly which was very rewarding as I built my caring skills, helping residents by making them tea or playing cards with them.

At school I took part in a paired reading scheme for 6 months where I was able to help young children to read, speaking and listening to them to help their English. All my experience has made me more determined to accomplish my ambition to be a doctor.

My love of science and aspiration for a medical career is reflected in my A-Level choices where good time management, self motivated study skills and ability to cope with stress and pressure are essential.

Biology and chemistry have helped me further my interest and develop my analytical skills, maths helps my problem solving skills helping me to work logically and ICT gives me a valuable insight into the rapidly developing technological world where computers are crucial.

I believe all the qualities I have developed through my courses are essential for any good doctor.

I have participated in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme which enabled me to achieve a first aid certificate including cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. I also enhanced my inter-personal, communication and team building abilities, valuable skills for any medical occupation, as I witnessed during my experience.

For 2 years I have volunteered at a local vet hospital observing and helping out 2 hours per week communicating with the public in a different environment. I enjoy reading, mainly factual books to expand my general knowledge.

To relax, I enjoy sports including football, and cricket for which I was captain of the school team and my local team for the past 3 years improving my leadership skills.

I also recently rekindled my childhood passion for golf, another pastime I enjoy even if it is a little expensive!

I am a self motivated, determined individual and I look forward to the social and academic challenges of university.

I am aware of the demands of a medical career but my commitment and desire to become a doctor has only been strengthened through my experience and work in a voluntary capacity.

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wow how do you do soo much

wow how do you do soo much and write so much and make it all fit? Your PS is really good and it's got everything in without making it boring! I'm not so good at keeping my reader's interest :( Daveo what's the medicine course like? Is it fun?

Really good (excellent)

Really good (excellent) personal statement. Must have taken quites some time towrite. I'm in the process of writing mine's but I'm really stuck.

I really like the way in which you stuctured everything and how it flows together.

Thanks again for the comments

Thanks again for the comments, I must firstly say how much work it too me to get to this statement, It was about my 25th draft, my first draft resembled a short book and was about as readable as a german opera type thing. I worked at it slowly over a period of about 2 months redoing bits to make them sound how I wanted them to and it obviously worked and was definately worth it as the medicine course is EXCELLENT!

wow!how on earth did u fit

wow!how on earth did u fit all that in! excellent statement, no hope for the rest of us!!

This is an excellent example

This is an excellent example of a p.s- its helped me a lot! Thankyou!

Although im not actually

Although im not actually applying for medicine, i read your personal statement just because there were none posted for pharmacy and i thought it was brilliant. Where are all the pharmacists??? PLEASE someone show me a personal statement for pharmacy!


WELL STRUCTURED AND FLOWS. this is really good

From Beth

Hi congratulations on yr success, im a chemistry graduate applying for veterinary medicine. your personal statement shows a great structure and a flawless read! i hope mine sounds as good!
Ohh and after all the comments of it being too large to fit in the ucas space, i checked and it does...3845 characters (4000 being max allowed). well done!


ur personal statement helped me alot, thanx. itz perfect - no surprise u got unconditional offers

Hi your ps is really good and

Hi your ps is really good and i was wondering what did you get in your GCSEs and Alevels

its similar to wot i av done

its really good n gvin me an idea how to start dis personal statement n how to gather all my experiences n put them onto my ucas forum


very well written. my experiences are surprisingly similiar to yours so i am hoping for the best. Do you think you should have focussed a bit more on your interests as i am struggling with space on my ps.

A perfect Statement!!

Very well written, i must say...
by the way...Which uni did you apply to??.. did u get your placement...


thank you! iv been searching for a personal statement that was a bit like mine and i've finally found it. u r about to help me so much and i just thought il'd let u know!!!!Well done with getting accepted at so many places. Out of interest i was wondering if you could tell me how many lectures you have a week and how many hours work outside of lectures do you put in? i no this probanly sounds like I havent put any research in but I just wanted to know first hand off a student. :)

Well done!

Well done!


hi. i just wanted to say that this PS is absolutely excellent. i am currenly in year 11 and studying towards my GCSE's, and i have always wanted to possess a medicine-based career since i was about 5 years of age. i m 16 now and still my desire to become a doctor is still very strong! i needed a bit of help for writing a PS for admission for college, along with a cv. i've done the cv and i love it! but all i needed now was how to put my PS together. after reading ths one, i m amazed. thanks for the help cz after reading this, my PS actually turned out to be one of the best out of all my class-fellows. thanks once again

Excellent !! Need help and suggestions..

read your PS..brilliant..I am writing mines and I need it to be revised by you and your suggestions will be of great help to me.Please respond - My email address is i get your mail address, I will send my PS to you for suggestion and changes.


my friend copied this

a friend of mine copied your statement and got caught. but i must say yours is very good.

well done

well done for this excellent and well structured personal statemnt. is it ok if i snatch a few sentences but put them in my own words?


i don no how to strt my ps coz i need help and idon no if it too early to do it for entry in 2008

thanks! and help..

hey... i gota say this is a really good statement... 25th draft!? wow lol, but ofcourse it was worth it in the end... im in year 12 goin to 13 now and currently applying for medicine ... and i am structuring my personal statement based on yours.
But im having problems on what i can say about my subject a levels, maths chemistry biology and physics (nearly same as yours lol) so can u help?
i also havnt done that many awards which is a shame, i shuld have started the duke of edinburgh 2 years ago :P
but MAINLY: im nervous about the interview, was it really that hard or nerve racking? can you tel me how long it was, and what type of questions they asked you? thanks alot
plz reply


your statement is very, very good. i'm currently compiling my own, hopefully for entry in 2008. i'm taking chemistry, biology, politics and english, (eclectic mix, i know), but i think i'm falling into the trap of having too much to write..


It's a well structured personal statement but I highly doubt the magazine "TIME" copied your opening line. I think it needs a bit of work on grammar and some of your sentences seem too long. And yes the part where you said you got to know the patients well after only a week seems quite phoney but other than that it's alright. Good luck in your second year of study at Manchester


I seriously need help for my personal statement to apply for medicine. I stated but it is hard and your essay looks fantastic.

make it personal

i think this is a good statement, perhaps a bit lighthearted at times which is probably best to avoid; but he seems to have no probs getting in.

my advice do what the title suggests, make it personal! write about personal experience, not what someone else has done, even if it does sound more impressive. and do not lie! you WILL be found out!

unique and sexy

i can't thank you enough for this personal statement. it always brings a smile to my face when i read this statement. thank you this will be really useful.

the person that wrote the

the person that wrote the long comment is absolutely correct. 'miss i got the best personal statement is pretty big headed'.

well done. It´s a very good

well done. It´s a very good PS. Please please can you help me with my PS. Here is my e-Mail:


wow.i would take you long did this take you to wrtite?i only have today to do scared i wont get it as good as yours in that time space!


hey this is really great PS
i was wondering if you can tell wat type of vulenteerin work would be great to do if i was to apply for medecine


This PS is excellent! i am in yr 11 and thinking about medicine.
i don't think i will ever be able to come up with a personal statment as good as that.

Just wandering: what grades did you get for your GCSEs?


thanx this helped me a lot and i think if people r slagging this off theyr eithr jealous or they cant read
good luck gettin a job
thnx 4 the help

Just a little update. I

Just a little update. I graduated from Manchester medical school yesterday and am starting work as a Doctor on the 5th Aug. It seems a long long time since I wrote this.

Wow, congratulations!!

Wow, congratulations!! Obviously you spent the time and effort and it has evidently paid off!! Nice One!!

I think your personal statement is really kool and it has helped a lot. Also like to say, its nice to read ur replies!!



i have to write my personal statement on my ucas thingy in ... ummmm four days

and i havent started

i dont even know what i want to do yet.
but i've always wanted to do something to do with medicine.

i've been sitting here for about 3 hours.
and have blank paper.
but this ones REALLY good :)

its reli gud... iv got 9 days

its reli gud... iv got 9 days to complete my uni applications...i av no xperience n reli dont know where to start....


Clearly, this is a very well written personal statement. Although people are criticizing your opening sentence, I think it's very good. However cliché it may appear, the medical schools have obviously been able to gather that it's a genuine reason. Well done xx

this is an excellent personal

this is an excellent personal statment. It is concise and highlights the essential qualities of an excellent doctor. It sounds academic without over doing it with long over the top complex vocab. the only thing i don't understand is that you had more characters but didn't use up all the avalible space.

yoink cheers gd old copy and

yoink cheers gd old copy and paste

hi therem i tink this is a great cv, im goin to be applying to uni and i would really appreciate some tips, do you think you can help??? serra

i didnt think this was a gd

i didnt think this was a gd pesonal statement at all. mine is much better.


weldone mate but you could of been a wee bitty more detailed

Excellent! Your experience

Excellent! Your experience at work placement is impressive.

Horrible grammar. But good

Horrible grammar. But good statement.

I just checked to see if this

I just checked to see if this excellent personal statement fitted into the allocated amount required for a PS and it was just under the character requirements. Well done. If you're going to critisise, why don't you check for yourself, it's not difficult to copy and paste into a word document.

This is a godsend. I had no

This is a godsend. I had no idea where to start with my personal statement

impressive! well done!

impressive! well done!
i feel kinda depressed for mine now..

REALLY impressed...

but honestly speaking this is good i am trying to get mine at this standard but it's only half way there..AM freakiin out now..gOSH...nice work..

You're allowed 4000

You're allowed 4000 characters max(with spaces)

Pretty good

I am doing my personal statement on biology and i was wondering how i can cramp lots of ideas in one my ps. I think your personal statement has showed me how./


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