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As a Pediatrician’s son, I have witnessed all my life the fathomless tragedy of diseases, countless odd hours of emergencies and life saving efforts, melancholy at loss of life, ecstasy at recovery and infinite happiness at birth of new life. I have seen my brother, a medical student, toiling with endless work and studies.

I have thus been an integral part of this extremely demanding and often stressful profession. Sharing a room with my grandfather since childhood, I helped him through his illnesses - diverticulosis, ischemic heart, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and old age till his last moments. These bonding experiences have left an indelible, passionate and burning desire in my heart to become a doctor.

Fourteen years of education at IST have been challenging academically, socially and in sports. Its creativity imbibed into me the sense of logic to understand the environment, to infer and think critically, and the vision to appreciate the social realities of life. In the IB I chose Chemistry and Biology higher to pursue a medical career.

As an Ambassador to The Model UN Conference at The Hague I discussed issues facing the world: poverty, diseases, inequality, and environmental degradation. This boosted confidence in my communication skills which include Swahili, Urdu, French and Gujarati languages. A tour to France improved my French and understanding of the European culture.

During the Tsunami crisis I initiated and organized a Fund at school where about USD1000 were collected and distributed to Tsunami victims in Tanzania.

As a President of the Mother Teresa IST Community service project, I took care of its poor for four years. It enlightened me into the plight of the poor, unwanted, the unprivileged and their aspirations. It built a platform for me to appreciate poverty, loneliness, human dignity and values, and the need for love, sharing and care.

For the project, I organized several fund raising events. I ran the annual Terry Fox Runs, which funds for poor cancer patients. Being the chief photographer for the IST Year Book 2006 contributed towards creativity aspect of my community service.

I have achieved the Bronze Award of The International Award Scheme, which recognizes community service to the needy, development in a certain skill, and an expedition into a remote area of Tanzania; this enhanced my skills in leadership, team work and determination. For the World Habitat Community program I participated in building a house for the needy.

Climbing Uluguru Mountain taught me to appreciate endurance and will power. As a school cricket captain, I have learnt to appreciate strengths, weaknesses and views of others, and to be fair to all. I was awarded best school athlete and science fair student and won in swimming.

Besides drama, essay writing, and debating, I played rugby, football and basketball. During free times, I swim, play squash, coach youngsters cricket and often serve food in my community gatherings. I have traveled extensively, enjoy natural wildlife, watch comedy films, and listen to jazz and Indian music.

Cricket and Premiership football are a passion. I enjoy reading magazines and books especially Hamlet. They have broadened my imagination and creativity.

I have observed history taking, emergencies, several medical procedures, diseases and laboratory investigations – urine, stool and blood - and helped medical students from Calgary, Leicester and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in their Electives in my father’s Clinic. In open free clinics in our village, I have assisted him in circumcisions, IV drips, and dressings.

A Spanish proverb states, “The beginning of health is to know the disease” and with this I intend to fulfill my desire of becoming a doctor.

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Applied to St.George's, Kings College, Sheffield, UEA and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Got offers from All except Kings College (no interview).


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Dude this is a great statement but I see you didn't follow onto medicine. what changed your mind?


I am in yr 7 and I would love to become a medicine and work in the UCLH hospital. This is a fantastic statement!


Wow, brilliant, I'm in yr6 and i want to become a medical doctor and work in the UCL Hospital.

This is a great statement and

This is a great statement and i know this has already been asked, but i would be interested to know: what made you decided not to study medicine?

This is a great statement and

This is a great statement and i know this has already been asked, but i would be interested to know: what made you decided not to study medicine?

this is really good

this is really good

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