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Medicine is a fascinating, ever changing and evolving field which makes my decision to study it an exciting life long commitment. I am eager to take on any opportunity to combine my caring personality with my interest for science to make a direct impact on people's lives.

The two weeks I spent in Bulgaria at Tokuda Hospital Sofia opened my eyes to the daily stress and demands of being a doctor and also the rewards that come with it; this highly motivated me to succeed in medicine. I worked very closely with three neurosurgeons and the chief of neurosurgery where I achieved first hand surgical experience in five operations. I was astonished by their knowledge and skill in and outside of the operating theatre.

I helped the surgical team by taking responsibility for opening sterile tools, helping to move the patients from bed to bed and dressing surgeons.

One of the most complex operations I assisted with was the removal of a tumour located in the left cerebral hemisphere, close to the hypothalamus and medulla where 2 arteries run; the operation lasted almost 8 hours. I gained an appreciation of how the surgeons can concentrate for such long periods of time, when they are in a situation where a minute mistake or loss of concentration could cost a human life.

I also had a first-hand experience of a death on my second operation which changed me as a person; it was a horrible but nonetheless important experience to me as it made me understand fully theconsequences of a career in medicine. In another operation I was taught and allowed to suture the patient's epidermis, use the aspirator and also use a scalpel to make an incision for a drain. This experience will be useful because it gives me a valuable head start in surgical practice at medical school.

Due to the challenges I faced I developed many skills; for example, the language barrier helped me to improve important skills in interpretation and understanding in crucial moments. These are very useful to doctors when dealing with colleagues in other specialities. After my work experience I became very interested in the brain and how it works. I am currently teaching myself complex anatomy and working on a mini project inspired by Bruce T.Lahn's research on how our brains evolved.

This self directed study will allow me to adapt quickly to independent learning at university. I am very much looking forward to the first year as I will be taught in depth human anatomy which is only touched upon in A-level. To further my experience working with people I organised a program linking year 12 students with a primary school offering low ability children help and support. I developed good communication and leadership skills through this project, which I will find useful in my medicine course. I also developed skills useful for working with children; I think bedside manner is very important, especially when working with anxious children. Medicine would allow me to continue my actions doing my best to help make people's lives better.

I am currently arranging a week's work experience at Great Ormond's Street Children's Hospital, as well as volunteering for St John Ambulance cadets, which further demonstrates my commitment to medicine. I am undertaking 3 rigorous A levels which reflect my desire for a career in science - maths, chemistry and biology which will help me in my medicine course, and I also took physics AS for my own personal interest. At my school I have the position of vice school captain of over 2000 students. After private study and research I like to relax by going swimming, running or playing tennis.

I am a self motivated individual who thrives upon the social and academic challenges that come with university. My experiences of the scientific side of medicine, as well as the care aspects, have only strengthened my desire to study this course. Medicine at university will allow me to release my potential and reach my goal of a career in surgery.

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