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My passion for medicine sprouted in me at a very tender age. My father being a medical doctor(radiologist) and my mother a nurse(opthalmic medical assistant), I can say I was born in the field.

As I grew up, I came to realise that the curiousity I displayed at some practices my parents usually performed gradually developed into a passion, a dream I felt complied to fulfill for it became obvious that it was the course for me to study. I had at a given period made up my mind to study petrochemical engineering, owing to the popularity of this course until a day when I told my sister and then she said "Who will then take over Dad's office?".

That was the revelation. I felt "called" to do it and it then dawned on me that my real passion was to be immersed in the practise of medicine; that which required the doctor to be a person of exception in all humility, exercising at the same time a great sense of compassion and service.

I am a music lover and for about six years now i play the piano, i have performed at some classical music concerts in various cultural centers.

At the two colleges I attended, I was appointed 'Music Prefect', which is the post of responsibility given to students in charge of the music matters at school especially the choir. I served as the school organist (they are all mission colleges) and we(music prefects) led the choir to a good number of choral competitions.

It was indeed an enriching experience of leadership and it helped me out as I fostered my knowledge of music. The liturgy at our school parish and an acapella group were some activities I undertook out of school.

During the holidays I spend quality time at my father's clinic to grasp some facts, concepts and ideas that keep me expanding my medical vocabulary. He has at his clinic an X-ray machine, a mammogram and a Voluson 3D Doppler ultrasound machine which have helped me to appreciate medicine from the point of medical imaging.

A career in medicine where life-long learning co-exists with the opportunity to rise to new challenges is a deeply exciting prospect.

Precious skills and attributes gained in my preparations for university have affirmed my conviction that a career in the medical field would be a most challenging, yet rewarding vocation for me to pursue.

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This personal statement was written by ngankoujoe for application in 2009.


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have u sent this off yet , if

have u sent this off yet , if not dont put in the bits about your parents!! unis hate it, becuase they think that it is your parents who want you to do medcine, not you yourself, therefore meaning it is more likey that you will drop out!!!

Mr J

Note Comment by guest at 23/10/2008: No it' actually the opposite. Someone who has parents in the medical field is MORE likely to know how the real life of a doctor actually is.
About him dropping out, they will find out at the interview if he truly wants to become a doctor.

Brackets are extremely informal. The opening paragraph is a big mess with no coordination. The general idea I get is "your parents are doctors and that you want to take over their legacy", this does not show any kind of love for the subject.

The extracurricular paragraph is poorly worded and not even linked to medicine. If if cannot link it then don't mention it, simple.

The conclusion is bad and the statement is too short, showing a lack of space management skills.


I would add something else, of course, but in fact almost everything is mentioned!....

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