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As a ten year old boy living with my grandmother, I realised the fragility and delicacy of the human body as I watched my grandmother’s gradual decline in health due to being infected by shingles, prior to my grandfather passing away from cancer. The feeling of uselessness in both situations drove me to consider becoming a doctor so that others would not have to experience what I had experienced.

Having close relatives who are doctors and also becoming more mature has reshaped my childhood perception of doctors. Making prescriptions and performing surgery are a small part of the diverse role a doctor plays. I have grown to appreciate the emotional connection doctors have with their patients and the benevolence involved in treating patients.

I spent a week in an elderly day care centre which involved partaking in entertainment and group activities. My time in the centre demonstrated the importance of such facilities to the elderly. Talking to some of the elderly persons verified the sense of negligence and loneliness some elderly people feel. Having such facilities allows them to be able to socialise and proves to be beneficial in the reduction of depression, improving their physical and mental wellbeing. I also spent a week in the radiography department of Barnet hospital which showcased the multifaceted dynamics of a hospital.

I had the opportunity to observe several scans including CT and X rays, but was most interested in MRI. What fascinated me most is how MRI scanners are able to detect many ailments without exposing the patient to any ionizing radiation. Instead they use strong magnetic fields and radio waves to manipulate hydrogen atoms within the body to produce very detailed images.

My chance to observe treatment in the General wards and Accident and Emergency departments highlighted the teamwork between doctors and other healthcare professionals in providing efficient treatment to the patients. The co-operation of primary and secondary care providers is similarly essential in the effectiveness of hospitals and the NHS as a whole.

I found my time in the hospital quite enjoyable and therefore solidified my interest in pursuing a career in medicine. Conversing with the patients in all of my experiences improved my competency in communicating and interacting with patients and also my approachability which are characteristics a doctor must possess.

I was selected for the Brilliant Club programme involving doing research in biology, more specifically DNA. It involved lectures with PhD students consisting of research in Darwin’s theory of evolution. I wrote a final dissertation in which I was awarded a 2.1 grading. This experience improved my skills in research and furthered my knowledge of DNA.

As a keen sportsman, I have represented, led and have been successful in most of my schools sports teams. However I enjoy basketball the most and have played for the Waltham Forest Flames team. Assisting our coach in training sessions for younger kids enabled me to develop my ability as a leader to deliver clear and understandable instructions.

Moreover, I joined the air cadets and stayed for three years in which I participated in weekend training camps and completed a first aid course, as well as achieving a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. Delivering speeches at award ceremonies at school and on other occasions has furthered my confidence and skills in public speaking. These activities have disciplined me and improved my ability to work in a team and also to step up as a leader when required.

I am aware that medicine is a very challenging course due to its many different fields which are all unique in their own part. As a person who enjoys a challenge, I believe medicine is the best course for me and will provide a fulfilling and proactive career. My keen interest and willingness to learn and acquire knowledge will help me to excel in the course, and make a valuable contribution to the rapidly progressing medical field.

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