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I survived. Born 6 weeks premature, if it wasn't for medicine, I may not have lived.

From the earliest stages I have had a fascination with the sciences and my first 'Encyclopaedia of Science' incited an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding of these subjects.

Some bad advice at the age of 17 persuaded me to study for a law degree. My enthusiasm for this subject gradually diminished and a return to a science orientated degree was what I desired. As an Undergraduate of Biomedical Science, I now believe I have a formidable platform upon which I can move on to pursue a medical career. I want a career that is dynamic and centered on a strong scientific background, which can be applied whilst interacting with patients in a clinical surrounding on a daily basis.

In order to explore my fascination with medicine I have undertaken varied and relevant work experience, in both a hospital and a care home. Whilst working at the Royal Blackburn Hospital, I had the opportunity to shadow current medical students, where I learn't various procedures such as catheter and cannula insertion, in addition to playing an active role in practical demonstrations using SimMan. Shadowing junior doctors on the Gastroenterology Ward allowed me to begin to understand the structure of a hospital. I was able to appreciate the high level of teamwork required between the consultant and other healthcare professionals. This ensured the treatment given to patients was both efficient and effective.

I was privileged to have the opportunity to interact on a one to one basis with patients, which enabled me to tailor my communication skills to suit the patient and their situation. My time in hospital concluded with a presentation, which I presented to the junior doctors and a consultant regarding my experience, which further enhanced my communication skills. I gained great admiration for the consultant, who was able to instill belief and reassurance within his patients, even in the most extreme circumstances.

Equally, my time spent at Viewfield Care Home allowed me to converse with patients on a regular basis, whilst developing my nursing skills. Both these experiences gave me an extensive insight into the fundamental characteristics which a doctor must possess, namely being caring, competent and approachable at all times, all of which I believe are key qualities of my personality. Reflecting upon these experiences has reinforced my desire to pursue a career in medicine, for which I now have resolute determination.

Beyond the academic field I have participated in a number of activities, which have developed skills I believe will aid my development in a medical degree. Sport has always had an educational influence in my life. In particular, I have played ice hockey at a competitive level since the age of fifteen, where I was captain of the Blackburn Ice Hawks, and more recently where I have acted as a Player/Coach for Newcastle University Ice Hockey Club.

These experiences have vastly improved my leadership skills, my ability to work effectively as part of a team as well as providing me with a deep sense of satisfaction when helping others to achieve their goals. In addition, during my education and work experience I have commanded various positions of responsibility.

Last year I was assigned the position of Deputy Head of Security at the Students' Union. At school I was entrusted with being a Prefect and House Captain. Clearly, time management and organisation has always been a necessity for me as it has been essential in order to incorporate my studies, sporting commitments and part time work.

I believe I possess a suitable personality to undertake the demands of being a medical student and doctor, as I thrive in challenging situations, both mental and physical, while at all times remaining competent and demonstrating both empathy and integrity.

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This personal statement was written by JamesNo20 for application in 2009.

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University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Cardiff University
The University of Manchester
The University of Sheffield

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i guess there is no way one could right better than this. i dont think medical schools can gauge the interest of one in medicine by personal statements because all students fake up.

excellent Personal statement

excellent Personal statement.rlly good.i need help with my ps stuck at it.can u plz help me with mine?????am jst cryin contiously.:(.cant evn think ov any good start.:(.plzzzzz get bk2 me on dis

OMG this is greaattt!

OMG this is greaattt!
As if you didnt get offers from 4 unis!!


This was great


This was brilliant. Succinct, to the point and passionate, well done :)

you are unbelievably

you are unbelievably intelligent i would appreciate it if you could contact me at i need all the advice like assistance in order to succeed

This is amazing; newcastle is

This is amazing; newcastle is definitely my first choice, but can you please give an honest answer of why you didn't get accepted into the others. I would really appreciate it!

Well done! Newcastle Med school is the best by far !

Hi, now nearly completing my

Hi, now nearly completing my 2nd year, I thought I would have a look back here and see if this had helped anyone.

I am honestly unsure as to why I got rejected from the other three, but suspect it was due to my low UKCAT score. Newcastle is a fantastic uni and would recommend it to anyone. The teaching and facilities are fantastic.

it might b personal so sorry

it might b personal so sorry in advance but what did u get for your ukcat? because i got low/average score of 600 so was wondering wether it would be a waste of choices to apply to manchester.

there are grammar mistakes xx

there are grammar mistakes xx

hey! wow that is amazing.

hey! wow that is amazing. love the way you started it. im in the midst of writing mine but its not going to well at the minute =) haha.
good luck with the future x

Loved it

Really thought the first sentences were full of impact. Well done.
Wishing you all the best for the future.

I survived. After reading

I survived. After reading this personal statement, only medicine coud save me. I almost died.

One of the best PS I have

One of the best PS I have read. Definitely 5 stars!!

Your first line is very good,

Your first line is very good, it engaged me as reader to find out how you survived a premature birth..but following that sentence you transitioned into your fascination with science and interest in medicine as a career. I think you could possibly expand further on your attention hook and explain how that made you wanted to study medicine. Your PS "tells" a lot about what you have done to pursue your goals, but it does not quite "show" the reader why.

cool intro

i LOVED the first sentence. fantasticc

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