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"The aim of Medicine is not to know the disease, but to relieve the suffering it causes." This quotation from Miguel Angel Garcia sums up why medicine is my career choice.

A close relative of mine fought cancer for two years. I was much younger then, and did not understand why the doctors only wanted to "make her comfortable", but now I do; and that is partly why I want to become a physician myself: not only to work on cures for various diseases but also to make ill people feel better, because, though I admire research, I first and foremost see myself as a practising physician.

Also, I have been fascinated with babies and pregnant women ever since a child, so fascinated in fact that for two years running I insisted every morning on my mother telling me the story of my birth.

From an early age on, then, this interest has led me gain a fair amount of knowledge on the human body and how it works.

I joined the Scouts when I was six years old, and continued with them for five years. During that time, I received a First-Aid badge and was nominated "Guide" of my group, which meant that I had to lead the way during orientation tests and hikes.

These made me develop leadership, communication and organisational skills that I have used and valued ever since.

More recently, I tried to volunteer at a local hospital, but the Portuguese NHS only accepts helpers over 18 years old. I

nstead, therefore, I volunteered at the Lisbon Zoo every weekend from December 2007 through April 2008.

This experience has taught me to deal with unexpected situations, because visitors were directed to me whenever they had a question and because I met new people every week, as the volunteer body was constantly changing.

I will take a First-Aid course with the Portuguese Red Cross from October 13th till 18th, and I have been accepted for a week of volunteering in the Health Centre of Sao Roque, in the island of Pico, Azores, during the month of April 2009 under the supervision of Dr. Merces Maciel.

Physical welfare is very important for me, and sports play a big role in my life. I have practised swimming for 12 years and, over the course of time, I have practised other sports, such as Taekwondo and Yoga, that taught me to relax in stressful times and environments.

I feel that such knowledge can be very helpful during University Exams time and while coping with the busy life of a Medical student. In school, I have always been an excellent student, with an interest not only in science-related disciplines, but also in Literature, Philosophy and languages.

I have always liked reading books, such as The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat and other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks or Metamorphosis by Kafka, that introduced me to the intricacies of the mind, with which I am fascinated this year in my Psychology course. In Philosophy, I have a deep interest in Ethics, a theme I believe to be very close to Medicine.

Next to Portuguese, I can speak and write English and French and can handle Spanish quite tolerably. I will sit the TOEFL on November 22nd.

A trait of my personality which I think differentiates me from other applicants is my creativity. I am a very creative and artistic person; I write poetry and make short movies.

Creativity is, in my opinion, a very important characteristic of a good physician, as it is a help during investigation processes and in difficult diagnosis situations.

In the future, I would like to specialise in Obstetrics, Paediatrics or Internal Medicine.

I have made the decision of studying in the UK because I believe that British universities rate among the finest in the world and because I want to learn from the top-people in the fast changing field of Medicine.

If I am given this opportunity, I am sure that it will be a wonderful experience that I will savour and cherish for the rest of my life, and that will make all the difference when it comes to advancing my career plans.

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This personal statement was written by msaramago1 for application in 2009.

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University of East Anglia
Oxford University
The University of Edinburgh
The University of Sheffield

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This is the semi-final version of my PS, and i'd like to hear some thoughts, just to know what I have to change, or if it's good just the way it is. Thanks ;) please please PLEASE comment, since I'm from Portugal and I need to know if my statement is "British-style" enough.

I am applying for Oxford (called for interview), Edinburgh, East Anglia (called for interview) and Sheffield (rejected)!


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hey this is msaramago1....

hey this is msaramago1....
please please please i need comments =P

u need work experience in the

u need work experience in the medical field for defs. i think admission tutors in medicine need to see that you know what kind job you are getting into. you've still got time try and get into old age homes or something even ask you GP if you can shadow him.

Hola !

Hi . If u don't mind could
u text me ;) to discuss few points about PS . regards < >

Have you done the BMAT and

Have you done the BMAT and UKCAT?
How was it?

How do you register for BMAT?

I'm from Portugal too!

I'm from Portugal too! Remember, do the BMAT, UKCAT and CAE at A level...

What universities are you applying to? Your PS is good! (I was thinking Cambridge, Imperial College and UCL for me...)

this is msaramago1.

this is msaramago1.

I have not done BMAT and UKCAT, i think you register for those in the British Counsil.

And what's CAE at A level? The other exam I was planning on doing besides BMAT and UKCAT is IELTS.

Thanks by the way, guest of July 12 ;) I'm applying for Cambridge, Imperial College, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Guest of July 12 (XD):

Guest of July 12 (XD):

The CAE is the Cambridge certificate in advanced English, but you can take the IELTS instead. Although you have to score 600 on that one.

Anyways...I've been checking the medical schools around and hey! You have more options! You can choose more than three. And this one top said that Oxford is really open to international studends so I think you should put that to consideration. I'll have to revise my options again. Well, I still got time, since I'm only applying next year!

*more than four... Sorry.

*more than four...


Sorry again but you DO only

Sorry again but you DO only have for choices when applying for mistake...;P

its really good but the last

its really good but the last sentance is not so good

don't write that you want to study here, unis will realise that as you're an international candidate anyway

write something about commiting to medicine etc etc

best wishes !!
and to the comment above: yes you can only apply to 4. its been like that for a while now

oops (to comment above)

oops (to comment above)

sorry, i didnt read that properly


thank you for your advice,

thank you for your advice, guest of September 7th ;)

Pretty good.

Pretty good.

Dont like "I have always been an excellent student" though.

Could strike the reader as slightly too arrogant. Tell them your achievements, and they will reach the same conclusion, without you having to say it.

thanks, guest of october 9th!

thanks, guest of october 9th! xD

Very personalised statement

There's a lot of personal sentiment in your statement, which can only be a good thing. Everything has been structured carefully, which I can tell just by reading through it once.

The array of experience you have, as an individual, is what sets your statement apart from the others. I especially like your final paragraph, where you stated your creativity sets you apart from other candidates; self-reflection is just as important as having a medically-based perspective of things.

Overall, I really do think it's a great statement; free of all the buzzwords and overused phrases I've seen so frequently in PSs I've read online. The individuality of it is very refreshing, making your statement a pleasure to read, in my opinion. Well done! :)


Okay, this personal statement got me an interview at Oxford and at East Anglia, but I screwed up both interviews. Nonetheless, I must have done something right for them to call me in for interviews ;)

Best of luck to everyone!

Good personal achievements

Good personal achievements but noticed the non-presence of work experience.
Also, saying that you wanted to hear about your birth every morning strikes one as unneccessary and a bit strange. It's memorable though.


Great article post.Really thank you! Great.

hey i wanted your help, m

hey i wanted your help, m writing PS for USAID exchange program please reply me on my email id

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