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Medicine is an ever growing, ever changing field. Doctors and researchers can spend their whole lives trying to find a cure for a disease only to realise that when they have, a new disease takes its place and hence the cycle begins again.

This is just one of the many reasons why I believe that medicine is such a unique and distinctive field, because there is no beginning, no end and therefore you never stop learning.

In order to gain a realistic insight into the life of a doctor I organised some work experience within a hospital. I worked with different people including surgeons and junior doctors. I went on ward rounds, sat in an outpatient clinic, and observed live surgery.

From all these different angles of medicine I understand that in order to enter such a diverse field you need to be adaptable and flexible in order to meet the demands of such a hectic career. Teamwork was essential throughout the whole week and was a major factor for all the medical staff.

When having a conversation with the surgeon I was amazed when he mentioned the prospect of having surgery without making incisions. This illustrates the advancement of medicine; we have gone from making large incisions to keyhole surgery and now to having no incisions.

Attending a medical conference at ______ University allowed me to enhance my knowledge on what life as a medical student entailed. One to one conversations with doctors, and medical
students demonstrated the reality of a career in medicine.

From this experience I appreciate that you cannot simply become a doctor and help people.

An immense amount of dedication and perseverance is required to reach this stage, however I believe that I have the motivation required to become a useful member of the medical profession. I am a regular volunteer at both the Deaf & Blind Society and ______ Hospice.

I am often placed in charge of organising activities for the Society. By working here I realised that it is the little things that really make the difference in the patients' lives, and also shows me the reality of the patients and their families who have to cope with a loved one having a terminal illness. Having to cope in high pressure situations such as these has allowed me to realise the stresses and strains that come with being a doctor.

From both these experiences I understand how vital empathy & a sense of humour is when it comes to dealing with the patient and trying to make the best out of the bleakest situation.

My communication and public speaking skills have been demonstrated by being an active member of the debating team. The rebuttals during the debates have definitely enhanced my ability to be able to think on the spot.

Having to work with the team has improved my listening skills greatly, which is beneficial as being a doctor requires listening to the patients express their views and explain their symptoms.

Mentoring younger children in science has developed my organisation and planning skills. Having to be prepared every week with a new presentation or activity allowed me to think ahead and also increased my creativity skills, as I had to prepare something that my mentee would find informative but also exciting.

I'm an active member of the local gym, which helps me to unwind. I am currently taking cooking classes, which I also enjoy. Balancing many different activities has developed my time management skills and given me one of the most essential tools for as challenging as medicine.

I understand that doctors are only human and can only help their patients to a limit; however I would be privileged to enter such an exceptional field and be part of this unique team.

Although a career in medicine requires 100% concentration, I believe I am a determined enthusiastic individual who rises up to challenge and has the skills that are vital to manage such a demanding course as medicine.

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what are your as grades like

what are your as grades like please?
i thik its amazing esp loved the start.

A little colloquial, more

A little colloquial, more reflection is needed


Um i put my grades on profile, u can check.

love the opening paragraph

love the opening paragraph

Mr J

The opening paragraph is weak, nothing original.
You tell me you need "this" and "that" in order to become a good doctor, but you don't mention how you came to this conclusion AND that is THE most important bit.
Your work experience paragraph lacks insight of thoughts.
You evener linked your extracurricular paragraph to medicine.
The conclusion is weak...avoid using numbers, use letters!

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