Biomedical Science Personal Statement Example 12

To venture into the realm of science and medicine is to pursue a path of boundless discovery; I am in awe of how much humanity has been shaped by medical advances, paving the way for new cures and better anatomical understanding.

Civilisation itself relies solely upon such advances, thus the urge to contribute to an ever-changing profession has long since ignited my interest in a biomedical science course.

Alongside the need to apply Biology based science to medical use, the opportunity to further study the complexity of the human body has provided the motivation to steer me towards a well regarded and compelling specialty such as this.

To grasp a practical understanding of what biomedicine entails, I volunteered to assist at the Wolverhampton Hospital for a week.

Under the guidance of a Geriatrician, I observed ward rounds and often engaged elderly patients in conversation, which only fuelled my desire to partake in a role that strives to improve the healthcare of the wider community. Most of my time was spent touring the haematology department were I was introduced to fascinating clinical concepts such as haemodialysis.

Observing laboratory work was an ideal opportunity to gain a profound awareness of diagnosis and blood abnormalities like Sickle Cells Anaemia and Leukemia. Alongside the biomedical experience I also took part in exciting medical procedures, a few of which involved using a stethoscope to detect heart murmurs and respiratory problems.

Furthermore, I have also helped out at my local hospital and although this second work experience lacked the biomedical aspects I desired, working with paraplegic patients opened my eyes to the importance of medicine in general and reinforced my desire to aim for a future in biomedical science.

My dedication to the course and general love for science is reflected in my A' level subject choices, where innovative thinking and self motivated study skills are key. Biology and Chemistry provide an analytic aspect of learning, while Maths and Physics help develop the logical problem solving skills which are heavily required in any healthcare profession.

I also enjoy absorbing a wide variety of medical related opinions and often yearn for new ways to nurture my interest in this area. I am enthusiastic to develop my scientific knowledge; I find reading the works of Roger Watson help promote an already blossoming fascination with the human anatomy.

At school I assist in the organisation of welcome club sessions for Year 7 students. Teaching Biology and Art to younger pupils has not only improved my interpersonal and leadership abilities, but helped me mature as a well rounded person who prides himself in inspiring others.

Moreover, I have been involved in school affairs as Year 10 and 11 Representative, speaking on behalf of my form group during School Council meetings. The determination I have displayed throughout my schooling career will prove vital at University were endurance is most desired.

Beyond the academic field I frequently partake in various sporting activities, Badminton and Tennis in particular. I have successfully represented my school at a competitive level during local events and competitions. As a member of the Gifted and Talented scheme for Art and Music I have always shown an undying interest and natural flair in the arts, and so regularly take the time to explore this creativity on canvas.

I also take pleasure in playing guitar and though I am self-taught, I find it enjoyable and eminently productive.

Ultimately, I consider myself to be a well rounded, sociable individual driven by the aspiration to help improve people's lives by contributing to the advancement of healthcare. My own scientific ideology is based on the notion that society will always depend upon medical innovations to remedy all illness and bodily complications.

Therefore, this is something I hugely anticipate and hope to achieve through a biomedical course at university.

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This personal statement was written by Garikai for application in 2011.

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The University of Birmingham
Aston University
Cardiff University

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hi i just wanted to know what

hi i just wanted to know what your predicted grades were because you got an offer at st george's which is where i really wanna go.

Are you kidding me?! That

Are you kidding me?! That personal statement is beyond PERFECTION!!!

wow, now i have to go re

wow, now i have to go re-write mine now bocoz this well beyond perfection. well done, well done.

This personal statement for

This personal statement for biomed is the best i have seen so far. You really should have applied for medicine if that is what you were aiming for, your personal statement is better than most of the medical ones ive read. Well done

SO many cliche's! ruined it

SO many cliche's! ruined it for me

the opening paragraph is

the opening paragraph is beyond perfect .it really emphasises your interest in pursuing a career in biomedical science. excellent!!


Wow wow wow
You should have applied to the top biomedical universities and I bet you would have got in. OMG mines going to be NOTHING compared to yours. You have no work experience! Do you need any?

I'm applying for biomedical science aswell I was wondering if you could help me with my personal statement my email is


I loved your article post. Much obliged.

Hi, what grades did u get for

Hi, what grades did u get for as and what were ur predicted grades for a2

is a career in biomedical

is a career in biomedical science worth it?

Wow ,please please help me to

Wow ,please please help me to write mine, my email is

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