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At this precise moment in time your body is undergoing respiration, ultrafiltration, and detoxification. These are functions which are just touching upon the surface of the skilled machinery that is known as your body. However, there comes a time where the skills are futile against the ticking time bomb of toxins. Over time science has developed the mediums to allow microscopic observations into the intricacy of almost every organ, enabling us to gain an insight into the core of nearly all problems, though some remain unresolved. The extensive work in laboratories allows us to bridge the gap between what we know and what we are yet to discover; this is where my interests lie.

My aspiration for my degree choice stemmed from a Biology lesson. I was intrigued that the body's own strength, the immune system becomes its weakness against the beneficial interference of a kidney transplant. Clinical scientists and healthcare professionals are not only presented with the challenge to enhance defence against disease, and treat disease but they also have to struggle against the body itself. This ironic relationship between disease and treatment enriched my need to further study rejection, particularly looking into the effects of different immunosuppressant drugs and how it increases vulnerability against disease.

One of my most valuable work experience placements was when I spent a week, in a day care centre for mentally ill adults. This was my first experience working with vulnerable adults so I was apprehensive, however throughout the week my confidence grew immensely. My sensitive nature enabled me to quickly build strong relationships with adults ranging from sixteen to sixty, all of different backgrounds. A vital aspect of professionalism I learned was the dynamic of relationships between staff and vulnerable people. I was made aware of how to behave as their close confidant but also maintain the professional relationship. Another placement I undertook was one week in a doctor's surgery. Operating behind the desk of a doctor's surgery allowed me to see the demanding part of working in the NHS. Hectic schedules and annoyed clients was the daily environment. I was able to appreciate how the staff persevered through the tremendous amount of administrative work along with placating clients. A key aim of the NHS is to deliver user satisfaction; I observed that strong understanding and application of interpersonal skills are crucial, especially in the environment of a GP surgery, because they are the foundation of personal care.

Upon completing a degree in Biomedical Science I hope a profession as a Clinical Scientist will follow. Partaking in practical work during my A-Level Biology and Chemistry studies expanded my skills to manipulate variables, gather, analyse and interpret data. My skills are not only constrained to a laboratory setting. Raising awareness for a charitable organisation (Smile Train) through setting up merchandise stalls has developed my transferable team work skills. Secure understanding between Clinical Scientists and health care practitioners is vital to maintain and improve human health. Meticulous reading of texts in A-Level English has assisted me to communicate my ideas well. Overall, I believe a degree in Biomedical Science is the perfect opportunity for me to further heighten my academic skills and indulge myself into the realms of discovery.

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This personal statement was written by iamSumera for application in 2015.

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Applied to: University of Warwick, University of Leicester, Aston University, University of Kent, University of Keele

recieved conditional offers from all except University of Warwick, still waiting for a reply.


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