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The growing world of human biology and the endless opportunities for research, driven by the vast advancing knowledge of physiology and human anatomy is what inspires me to pursue a degree in Biomedical Sciences.

This would provide me with a deeper insight into the functions of life, allowing me to contribute to the field of medical research and help others in need.

Immunity and cell division are two topics from my Biology studies that initially sparked my interest in Biomedical Sciences. In particular, I find it fascinating how systematically the body's Humoral and Cell Mediated responses are able to produce antibodies when stimulated by new strains of bacterial infections.

The current uses of monoclonal antibodies are beneficial to society in many ways. Herceptin, for example, works by injecting patients with antibodies complementary to antigens on the surface of the cancerous cells, blocking the chemical signals that stimulate uncontrolled growth by mitosis and prevent the cancerous tissues from growing further.

Only some of my queries about these topics have been answered, encouraging me to study such areas at a more advanced level and broaden my understanding about how similar treatments can be developed to combat such diseases.

Studying Biology has also allowed me to develop my practical and reasoning skills, important attributes in the biomedical field. Biology alongside Maths have improved my problem solving and analytical skills, with the ability to remain resilient and focussed on a particular challenge even when it proves to be difficult.

English along with Psychology are also important as I have been able to develop my evaluative techniques and the ability to discuss different viewpoints and ideas, skills also vital when working as a biomedical scientist.

My interest in Biomedical Sciences is what motivated me to conduct my EPQ titled "How will leaving the EU impact the NHS?", in which I have been able to gain an insight into the profound effects that Brexit could have on healthcare. I found that the idea of staffing is a dominating issue, with a significant proportion of the 2.6 million strong NHS workforce originating from other EU countries.

This could lead to filling NHS vacancies becoming difficult if EU nationals are no longer able to work in health and social care roles in the UK. Along with investigating similar issues that will affect NHS patients and staff alike, my EPQ has allowed me to develop my research, time management and organisation skills, all of which will be essential whilst studying at degree level.

Outside of my academic studies, I am a frequent reader of various different magazines such as "Biological Sciences Review" and "New Scientist", keeping me up to date with current research and the dynamic nature of Biology.

A recent article I read suggests that drug research involving genetically modified animals is starting to 'lose touch' with human disease, meaning that new methodologies need to be adapted for use in humans, rather than relying on animal testing.

Current affairs like these are ones that I look forward to analysing and debating during the course of my degree.

I also enjoy playing the piano, a hobby which requires strong commitment and concentration to accomplish. This level of perseverance will help me stay motivated when it comes to studying new topics or ones that I find particularly challenging.

Along with looking forward to contributing to the university community, I am confident that my genuine determination and enthusiasm for the subject will allow me to flourish and bring me one step closer to my goal of fulfilling a career in the world of Biomedical Sciences.

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