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Ever since the early years of my scholastic life I have been hugely fascinated by the biology of the human body and how the world we live in has been changed and reshaped by the discovery of new medicines. The medical advances have paved way for new cures which has led to my better understanding of human anatomy. This ever-changing medical world has fuelled my fascination for biomedicine. What intrigues me most is the way the human body functions and how it can be affected by disease. This is the reason I choose to pursue a degree in biomedical science.

My devotion to the course and love for science is reflected by my A' level subjects, where resourceful thinking and self-driven study skills are very important. Biology and chemistry help me enhance my problem solving skills which are of great value in the biomedical field. For instance, in biology we learned about the differences between viruses and bacteria, and how the infections from the two differ from each other. We also learnt about one of the most notorious viruses in the world, influenza, a virus that can never be fully eradicated because it keeps changing its virus strains and requires different antibodies to be made in our bodies each time we get infected. Learning biology and chemistry side by side has been a huge advantage as they are interlinked.

For instance, in organic chemistry we learn about the structures of different compounds, menthol C10H20O in particular. It is an alcohol and we learn about how it is manufactured in industry. Biologically, it has the ability to chemically trigger the cold sensitive receptors when applied to the skin. I also am participating in a Biology Crest Award project which involves the resistance of mint oils against certain types of bacteria. This has allowed me to explore my own scientific ideas and interests and sharpen my laboratory skills as well as developing my thinking skills and supporting presentation skills.

Taking part in group discussions and study tasks has given me the opportunity to develop my analytical and communication skills. All these have enriched my experience and boosted my passion for biology and biomedical science. To gain a good practical understanding of biomedical science in hospitals, I volunteered to help at my local hospital for a week. I spent most of my time touring the microbiology department. Observation of laboratory work was a good opportunity for me to learn the methods of diagnosing bacterial and viral infections.

Whilst at the hospital, working with quadriplegic patients made me appreciate the importance of medicine in our society and strengthened my fascination for a career in this field. I also am undertaking Geology as my third subject as I have always been fascinated by the world we live in and how it formed and the forces which drive it. I represent my tutor group in the student council and am also the vice president of the council. These experiences enhance my leadership skills as well as boost my confidence among other students. I believe the passion I have shown over my scholastic life will prove crucial at university where fortitude is highly desired.

I volunteer with my local authority every fortnight with young children in the looked after sector aged between 5 and 12. I usually help them with their literacy skills. Although this work experience has not got the biomedical aspects I am after, working with disadvantaged children from different backgrounds really helped me enhance my communication and team working skills. I was also able to realise the value of good health to one's development and everyday life.

I take part in badminton, tennis and rugby. I have played rugby for the college and I play cricket for the local cricket team. I also enjoy cycling to help me keep fit. Biomedical science is a superb course for me as I have always desired to assist in improving other people's lives by contributing to medical and healthcare advancements.

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