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Dengue is a mosquito borne disease that almost took my life. The effects of one bite were incomprehensible as a child, now as an aspiring Biomedical Scientist I strive to research the remedies of such diseases. This experience confirmed my calling to have a post in research, as Dengue has become one of the leading causes of death among children in the Philippines and knowing this, I believe I would be able to make a difference by studying this course.

I had the opportunity to gain a work experience placement at the Centre for Biomolecular Sciences in which I was part of a research team to help investigate the effects of a compound called cordycepin. I was deeply captivated by its properties which include inhibiting polyadenylation, repressing cell growth and inflammation making it a potential drug for cancer and inflammatory diseases. I assembled reactions to be placed into a PCR machine and loaded them onto agarose gel for electrophoresis. I gained applicable lab skills and reveled in the fact that I had contributed to research which could have led to new discoveries.

My determination to pursue a degree in Biomedical Sciences is reflected upon my A levels which have imparted me with key skills; to be able to work under pressure, alone or as a team. Learning about genetic diseases in school led me to conduct my own research to further my understanding. I have recently read an article regarding the use of DNA fingerprinting to find mutations. Scientists can now observe exactly how ionising radiation damages the DNA (deletion and balanced inversion), with this knowledge I hope to work alongside scientists to diagnose cases of cancers caused by radiation.

Furthermore, to prepare for higher education I became a member of the Ambition Nottingham programme and I developed a greater understanding of a branch of Biomedical Sciences by attending a masterclass in Genetics to expand my fascination and desire to work in the field of Biology whilst also giving me a taste of university life. I was fascinated to find out how a single copy of a DNA fragment could be amplified to millions of copies using PCR and the applications of this technique in the real world.

I have been chosen to represent the school many times, I play basketball competitively and have also competed in school science and language competitions. I have used my lunch periods to tutor younger students, moreover I took part in training the younger pupils in basketball in addition to officiating matches. My active school life has prepared me for higher education by helping me to manage my time effectively, prioritising tasks to meet deadlines whilst still being able to enjoy my hobbies.

Outside of school, I play basketball regularly and make time to read Biomedical journals online to sustain my interest and to help me focus upon my future career. As well as this I practice improving the languages I speak including Tagalog and French which I believe will help me to adapt to the new environment at university. I currently attend a Judo club where I also volunteer to work with children in which I have to be enthusiastic to motivate whilst being attentive to ensure the children can learn in safe way.
During a programme called NCS, I volunteered working with people from different backgrounds in which I was able to showcase my leadership and organisational skills to contribute to the community. I helped to raise money for the children’s ICU at my local hospital. This experience increased my communication along with interpersonal skills to be able to work in a team which are imperative qualities required to study Biomedical Sciences.

If given the opportunity, I am confident that my experiences reflect my character which I hope will persuade you of my suitability for this course; who is able to take on the challenging but rewarding course that is Biomedical Sciences, to allow me to be at the forefront in the research field of diseases.

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