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After always having a passion for science, particularly Biology and Chemistry and how they affect everyday life, my decision to continue with them at A Level has only deepened my desire to learn more about how the huge amount of chemical reactions within the body allow for so many different systems to work harmoniously. I am genuinely excited about the prospect of investigating further into this fascinating world; the reactions of the human body and in particular the area of genetics intrigue me with its promise of mystery and undiscovered knowledge.

At AS Level I studied Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English Literature, and have now narrowed my focus onto the three sciences which in my eyes are all interlinked. In particular I see Chemistry as the centre of a spider-web of scientific knowledge from which all other branches radiate, whether it be the chemicals of fatty acids in Biology to the basic understanding of the forces between molecules in Physics.
As a result of my passion for science I have gained a place on the Nuffield Bursary scheme, a placement for which thousands of pupils applied yet only three from my college were accepted. My project investigates whether the cross-transfer effect is evident in my sample, studying how the exercising of one limb affects the other. Completing this project has improved my analytical skills as well as my report writing. It has also provided me with the experience of defending my hypothesis and results to other scientists. The Nuffield bursary has also given me the opportunity to do a real life research project, which will help me to understand the impacts of such studies on the community. Having never studied Sports Science before, it was a challenge to understand the new concepts but a challenge that I immersed myself in, and by the end of my placement I felt satisfied that I had gained expertise and understanding of what is for me a new area of science.

During the summer I undertook a week of work experience at Unilever Research and Development where I spent time with each specialist department, gaining an insight into the vast amount of research done before a product makes it from the lab to the shelf. I also spent a week on an Intromed course at my local hospitals where I spent time in out-patient clinics, theatres and the pathology laboratory where I was privileged to observe the treatment of the tissue samples before an analysis is sent back to the hospital doctors. My voluntary work in the science laboratories in college has allowed me similar insights as well as teaching me to work independently, a key skill for university.

I volunteer in a residential home once a week, talking to residents and using my own initiative to do what needs to be done, whether it be taking a resident to the lounge or washing up. This has allowed me to view the ins and outs of the care system, and particularly how the various drugs that the residents need to take have certain effects on their personalities. My dedication in this role has led to me being offered a permanent paid position of responsibility.

I work well within a team, as demonstrated by my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award; I currently working towards my Gold award. I am very organised as I have successfully managed my volunteering commitments with my studying. I am also a respected member of the school community; during July 2011 I was selected as one of fourteen students to be selected to travel to China and work with the Chinese students. I also developed my communication skills as we were ‘buddied’ with Chinese students who were learning English and therefore had to overcome the language barrier and find other ways of communicating successfully. As this proves, I am a passionate scientist, but also a well-rounded individual. I approach my studies and my extra-curricular experience with drive and determination which I look forward to bringing to degree level study.

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