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The human body is undoubtedly the earth’s most impressive creation - six million years of evolution has resulted in this complex system, with all parts working together to maintain life. Throughout my high school years, I have been interested in the intersection of biology and medicine. Bioscience is at the heart of medical advancements in healthcare, and impacts the lives of countless individuals. As a lifelong learner striving to constantly grow and develop, I believe this area of study will match my personality and skills in its ever changing and advancing nature.

In addition to taking relevant courses at school, I have found many other ways to broaden my understanding of human health and disease. Since September, I have been working at ______ Hospital in ______, Ontario, as an intern in the Intensive Care Unit. As well as assisting administratively, I have been shadowing various health professionals, going on rounds alongside doctors, and observing procedures. Nothing could have prepared me for some of the experiences I have had, but every day is unique and amazing. Shadowing health professionals has shown me the importance of teamwork in terms of diagnosis and treatment, and the necessity for providing impeccable standards of care. The enthusiasm and passion for the science and study of human life I see in the doctors and nurses mirrors my own. Watching doctors interact with patients and families, discussing treatment plans and helping provide care makes me sure this is the route I wish to take, as biomedical scientists support research into diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Being able to play such a vital role in healthcare is very important to me.

As well as my in-class studies, I have experience in self-directed learning. During my grade 11 biology course, I took on a self-study project on three parent babies. These babies, the result of the genetic material of one man and two women, are a medical miracle. Both mitochondrial manipulation technology and in vitro fertilization are used to reduce the effects of mutations that occur in the mitochondria in order to prevent those mutations from being passed onto offspring. The opportunity to learn about the investigative process was beneficial, challenging and improving my research and organizational skills and triggering a lifelong interest in this topic. This project helped me realize how important medical research is and how widespread the impact of life-changing procedures and technologies can be.

Having moved with my family, I have enjoyed living in both the UK and now Canada, and I enjoy the diverse environment that I place myself in. I feel this has broadened my perspective with the cultures experienced and increased my resilience. I can effectively organize my own time, juggling the responsibilities of a part-time job, school studies, and volunteering. I regularly volunteer at my local food bank, leading groups of children through activities and helping to hand out food. Volunteering makes me happy and confident, as I love giving my time to help my community. I was selected to participate at several science conferences at Canadian universities, doing experiments, labs, and attending lectures. These conferences have given me sound research and problem solving skills, as well as the opportunity to use an analytical approach. I am passionate about music; I love attending concerts and I play guitar and piano. I am also an active member of my school community, playing on the varsity ice hockey team and organizing art club. My maturity, thirst for knowledge, and enthusiasm for the subject makes me excited to begin a career in biosciences.

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I am an international student from Canada, and ended up with conditional offers from the University of York, Birmingham University, University of Bath, and Royal Holloway.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have questions :)


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