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I think that applying engineering techniques to the human body is a fascinating, absorbing and rewarding endeavour with many potential benefits for health care.

Arguably, all engineering disciplines seek to further our quality of life, however, what interests me in bioengineering is that it can directly affect and improve our health and well being.

Applications like innovatively designed needle-less injections could reduce the great number of injuries due to syringes, and developments in minimal access surgery using imaging techniques will be incredibly valuable, for example, in reaching otherwise inaccessible disease areas.

While undertaking work experience at a General Practice, I quickly realised that I would like to have a positive impact on health care, whilst retaining a focus on engineering.

Physics is a subject which absolutely fascinates me; I really enjoy observing theoretical ideas being utilized in real world situations. This passion has led me to be the Physics Student Leader, where I have taken the responsibility of going into physics lessons in the Lower School and helping the younger students.

Furthermore, I have spent time with other subject leaders considering the possibility of reducing the environmental impact of our school. I also attended a Particle Physics Master class at Durham University, where I learnt about projects such as CERN.

Mathematics also greatly interests me; so much so that I have been independently reading about topics like the calculation of pi by mathematicians including Gregory, Leibniz, and Machin which I first read about in Enigma by Robert Harris. I also enjoy working through the complex problems I encounter in mechanics and applying the techniques I have learnt.

Whilst Physics and Mathematics are my preferred subjects, I also enjoy all aspects of science, whether it is from the biological or the physical sciences. For example, in biology I found the structure of the heart and the way it works particularly interesting. Thus the multi-disciplinary bio-engineering course appeals to me as it will incorporate many different areas of science.

I read both Student BMJ and the New Scientist; recent articles of interest include one on apparent imperfections in human evolution.

In July 2006 I spent three weeks doing volunteer work in Costa Rica organised through my local Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. We worked for a short period with an indigenous tribe and also worked at a turtle conservation project, where we built a raised walkway from local bamboo.

My experience there opened my eyes to third world culture and environment, and improved my communication skills and my ability at working as part of a team. I can also work independently which is shown in my success in studying an A-level in Religious Studies a year early, in my own time.

I am currently studying Further Maths AS-level in my own time because I enjoy the challenge it presents me, and because I believe it will help develop my mathematical aptitude, which is an important ability for any engineer.

One of my main leisure interests is playing the guitar, which I find thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable. I play many styles, including classical, jazz and I am involved in a rock band called 'Required By Fashion,' with whom I helped organise two charity gigs. In my church I play in the worship band.

Through church I have been on Christian Adventure Holidays in the Lake District where I took part in mountaineering, rock climbing, canoeing, sailing and ghyll bashing, which were all great fun! The Christian faith has also helped me to develop a strong sense of morals and a compassionate attitude to other people.

I like to think that I have the maturity and commitment to succeed at university, and believe I will enjoy and rise to the challenges I encounter. I feel I will also add to the university community and have the potential to achieve.

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This personal statement was written by joshmctigue for application in 2008.


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Cool x)

I like the intro :D
which unis did you apply to?

Your Christian faith has

Your Christian faith has nothing to do with the course your applying to, I dont understand why its mentioned? For me biomedical engineering and religion dont go well hand in hand lol

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