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I had no idea what I wanted to study after A levels until a couple of years ago. My brother was diagnosed with a large vascular tumour in his nasopharynx.

The following embolisation at a leading children’s hospital, using polyvinyl alcohol foam particles to block the blood vessels via arterial catheters and keyhole surgeries to remove the tumour, he recovered after a few years with no complications or external scarring. The scientific innovations that were required to enable this to happen and the vision to use such particles to reduce bleeding complications amazes me.

I not only want to learn more about the fundamentals of science, but I want to be able to apply science in such a way to engineer it for the greater good. What really excites me is the world so small that it is invisible to the naked eye. The world under a microscope is so complex, detailed and sometimes quite beautiful. I find it incredible how the sequence of five bases can determine everything about ourselves from the colour of our eyes to our intelligence.

Therefore during my individual project this year, I decided to learn more about the gene-editing technology CRISPR. I have enjoyed learning about this, the possible applications and how computer technology is key. In my study, I am currently assessing opinions about the ethical dilemmas this technique creates for us.

I find it really interesting that scientists have managed to map and study the human genome in great detail and then manipulate it using enzymes such as Cas-9 to make specific cuts in the genome that are tailored to potential applications in science. Reading about the research in the New Scientist magazine and how this process can be controlled with enzyme inhibitors without triggering the immune system is fascinating.

At university, I look forward to working in both wet and dry labs so I can apply the skill set that I have developed so far, but also enhance the quantitative reasoning skills gained during my Maths A level study. Independent study skills and keeping motivated has been more important than ever during the pandemic, with reduced face to face contact with all of my teachers, especially my biology teacher who has been shielding and teaching us remotely since March 2020.

I have shown that I am capable of dealing with such challenges and improvising. Living in a family where health uncertainties were focussed on my brother, all of my family found it challenging and it also affected my mental health. During my first A level year, as a keen science student involved in the Welsh Seren Network, it was decided I should take time away from college and focus on my health.

As a result, my calculated AS grades due to COVID-19 did not reflect what I know I was capable of achieving. Since returning to college for this final A level year and reflecting on all that I have been through, I am more determined to achieve the grades I know that I can. My A levels have partnered perfectly with my keen attention to detail and love of solving problems.

I am focussed, enjoying learning and achieving the grades I need to study bioengineering. Alongside my studies, I started an online shop selling craft polymer clay earrings, allowing me to market them on social media and appreciate the importance of engaging with the public and producing quality products.

I have shown commitment to the scouting organisation for over 10 years most recently as an explorer and young leader and completing my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and working towards my silver. I was also selected to represent Wales at the 24th World Scout Jamboree 2019 in the USA working together with my team to raise funds for over 2 years before going.

I have overcome a lot in my short life so far and have had first-hand experience of how new developments in science and engineering can change families' lives. I have shown determination, enthusiasm and resilience and I look forward to studying bioengineering if I am fortunate to be given the opportunity.

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