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My father, an accomplished 'gelatiere' (ice-cream maker in Italian), instilled in me a passion for science, constantly researching ways to make his products more nutritious. Being conscious of my health, I found myself developing a passion for medicine. However, my idealist mentality cannot comprehend a lack of treatment for globally significant illnesses, thus I gained interest in the medical sciences and biomedical engineering, hoping to create treatments for yet-to-cure diseases.

I developed my interest in these fields by studying Biology and Chemistry, gaining knowledge and laboratory skills needed in research-based courses. In fact, in my Biology Extended Essay, I investigated the effect of soybean trypsin inhibitor on the assay of trypsin, developing research and organisational abilities to carry out a valid experiment. The process was enlightening, as this is currently being studied in HIV and cancer therapeutics. Studying Mathematics allowed me to develop my problem-solving skills, especially through the area of calculus.

My yearning for more challenging learning pushed me to devote my summer to a 6-week summer school at UCLA. There I studied psychobiology and stem cells, which stemmed my passion for regenerative medicine. My self-management and active learning skills allowed me to achieve an overall 85% grade in university-level classes at 16 years old. In school, I attend a Medicine and Societies club weekly, where we debate current scientific concepts.

Recently, we discussed ethical issues in using human embryonic stem cells and I argued how, despite involving destroying embryos, hESCs are the source of stem cells with the highest potency available, making them most valuable for treatments. Critical thinking skills are crucial to allow interconnection of concepts, bringing forth innovation. I also recently visited CERN, home to advanced research in particle Physics, and attended a lecture by Ben Segal, the man who mentored Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet.

Having joined my school in Year 11 and not having been taught in English before, pushed me even further to achieve my academic grades, becoming a highly independent learner as I was simultaneously learning my subjects and a new language. I was awarded the Bronze award in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad and will participate in the next British Biology Olympiad, demonstrating my commitment to succeeding. In school, amongst 80 schoolmates, I was awarded the prize for the highest level of achievement in Biology and for persistence and ambition within Chemistry.

This reflects my inquisitive passion and enthusiasm for the subjects. As an individual, I enjoy the creative arts, I play the piano and paint, developing my creative skills, important in biomedical engineering for creating new solutions to common problems. In my neighbourhood parish, I volunteer with people in need such as those struggling with their economic state and suffering from mental health issues. This allows me to develop sensitivity, needed for dealing with patients in clinical trials and interpersonal skills, useful for good communication within research teams.

Reading the Journal of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering, I have come to appreciate procedures such as preventing Type 2 Diabetes by reprogramming placental stem cells into insulin-producing cells. In the future, I hope to publish my own article in the journal, being a researcher in regenerative medicine.

I am confident that my established academic achievement will allow me to use my active learning and self-management skills to develop my critical and creative mindset, helping me to pursue my strong commitment to creating innovative solutions to global issues. I believe this makes me an excellent candidate for your university and will enable me to, one day, revolutionise the field of regenerative medicine.

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Got me into 2 courses from Imperial and 2 courses from UCL!! Hope it helps someone :)


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