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"Scientists investigate that which already is. Technologists create that which has never been." I chose engineering as a life pursuit because I wish to engage in both. This choice was enhanced by a personal yearning to apply all that I learn; I wanted to be able to implement my physical and mathematical abilities in real life situations. I feel higher education would enable me to realise this aim.

Although all aspects of physics and engineering intrigue me, I am particularly interested in the medical application of these two disciplines. When considering which field I might enter I realised that the only discipline that appealed to me, other than engineering, was medicine. Having researched the crossover between medicine and engineering I decided that bioengineering provided the perfect blend.

In order to improve my grasp of A-level Physics and Mathematics, and develop a better understanding of the options available to me in Higher Education, I have made extensive use of the online lectures of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I was particularly receptive to the teaching methods of the Physics lecturer, Professor Lewin.

Supplementary reading has widened my horizons and encouraged me to examine elements above and beyond the A-level course. Some of the books I have encountered include 'A Brief History of Time' by Stephen Hawking and also 'Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland' by Nobel Prize winner, George Gamow. The latter was more than simply 'a physics book' to me - the presentation of the physical principals within a love story proved to be extremely captivating. Following the debate regarding students' declining abilities and the 'dumbing down' of the A-levels I have undertaken a study of material from the older, and in my opinion more challenging, 1996 syllabus. Books such as 'Essential Principles of Physics' by Whelan and Hodgson have been particularly enlightening in this respect.

I feel that theoretical concepts are easier to understand and more easily absorbed when they are tangible and therefore I have applied to the Year in Industry scheme, hoping that this will enhance the application of my mathematical and physical skills. Due to personal issues during the A-level exam period I was unable to achieve my potential and did not meet all my predicted grades. In order to amend this I have chosen to retake some modules during my gap year whilst at the same time studying a new subject and expanding my language skills.

I consider that my multicultural upbringing, including 12 years in Japan, Dubai and the Sudan have led to me being a well-rounded and colourful person. As a consequence of this time I benefited by gaining knowledge about different traditions, an insight into diverse cultures, and a furtherance in my linguistic abilities. This granted me the ability to adapt to different environments swiftly and comfortably, which would explain my enthusiasm for meeting new people. Moreover, the contrast in the living standards in these different environments has shown me the importance of science and technology in our lives.

Professionals have confirmed for me that bioengineering is an intellectually challenging field, requiring commitment and motivation. I have always believed in fully devoting myself to all that I do, and with my particular interests and experiences, I feel that only an opportunity to study bioengineering at university will enable me to express my abilities in their entirety.

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Language wise, this is

Language wise, this is excellent. Good intro & reasoning. I don't see all that much above and beyond education though - extra curricular stuff seems to be lacking somewhat giving it a slightly unbalanced feeling.

Well done, parents!

This statement is not in the voice of a young person. I suspect a parent wrote it, and congratulate him or her on an excellent piece of work.

It's very convincing and well

It's very convincing and well developed.

Not a parent...

Actually to the person who stated this looks like the work of a parent, it's not. I'm one of the volunteer PS Helpers on (which provides a free review service for applicants) and was responsible for helping to get this up to scratch. While this statement has changed a lot since it's first incarnation, the basic material is still the same as the author's original. And before anyone asks how old I am - 20 (I'm a 3rd year undergraduate). :)

It does sound weird that the

It does sound weird that the author is concerned with improving his English, considering that this paper is too well written to indicate any need for improvement. I understand that personal statements are edited many times before being submitted, yet there must have been more than a little editing if the author claims that his English still needs any further improvement. All this being said, I must agree this paper is very clear and concise.



Your assay is "too" polished,

Your assay is "too" polished, has NO personality.
Repeating your A- achievement as mediocre shows that you're an overachiever(snobish) not necessary what you want to bring to the admission table.
Write about your background.
Grad school is about research so write about the area of research (research topic) you want to do and why.
Good intro- very catchy.
Good luck:)-


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