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I find the human body truly extraordinary. The natural development of its amazingly complex and harmonious biological systems has produced something quite spectacular. The many functions it carries out, from DNA replication to homeostasis, leave me in awe and eager to discover more.

I see Biomedical Science as a crucial area of expertise in today’s world. As the average life span increases, new problems present themselves to medicine and the development of treatments has never been more important. I have great determination to be a part of this process, overcoming modern challenges and improving the quality of lives by entering academic research and contributing to medical science.

For my A-Levels I chose Biology, a strong subject of mine, and one I have appreciated throughout my school career. Chemistry enables me to understand biological reactions more deeply and allows me to cultivate skills such as logical thinking and problem solving. History has provided a contrast to science, developing my writing, critical reasoning and analytical skills.

I recently completed a week-long work placement at AstraZeneca. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the development of new treatments and was fortunate to visit each department within the drug discovery process. There were some areas I found especially fascinating, such as our tour around the in vivo facilities and high throughput screening, in which potential biological molecules are assayed against a number of targets. We carried out practicals; one involving the Western Blot test and another using aseptic techniques to culture cancer cells in vitro.

Access to equipment I had not used before gave me experience beneficial for University. I gained valuable knowledge and skills, became more confident in putting forward ideas or answering questions, and it helped me to think more scientifically.

To acquire further knowledge about recent developments in medicine, I completed the EPQ. My chosen title was, ‘To what extent should embryonic stem cells be used in research for medical treatment?’ Intrigued by a documentary I had seen on the possible uses of stem cells, I was keen to learn more.

My project involved researching the ethical debate surrounding stem cells, religious arguments, positives and risks of using ESCs, and potential alternatives. I relished the challenge, enjoyed working independently and undertaking the kind of research I’d not carried out before. The project tested my abilities as a researcher and critical thinker, and significantly improved my time management. I now feel more self-assured in my abilities and prepared for the style of learning I will experience at University.

For five months I have volunteered at Macclesfield Hospital on a respiratory ward at mealtimes. Knowing that I help to improve the patients’ time there is extremely rewarding and it has boosted my confidence. Many of the patients are elderly; as I witness them suffering from dementia and other conditions I resolve to be a part of the advancement of medical science.

I am an avid reader and subscribe to New Scientist to gain insight into developments in science. A recent article of interest discussed how the hormone progesterone was used to regrow a frog’s legs and may one day lead to a human therapy. I’ve been particularly enthralled with a book called The Human Brain: A Guided Tour by Susan Greenfield. The brain has always intrigued me, and I’ve enjoyed learning about its primary functions, in addition to how it is affected by diseases such as schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease and synaesthesia.

I am conscientious and self-driven. Leading and organising a group in team building exercises when completing the National Citizen Service in 2017, and Bronze and Silver DofE Awards, has allowed me to develop strong leadership skills and learn how to work well in a team.

I am excited by the prospect of university and positive that I would thrive as a student, developing expertise in a subject that enthuses me.

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I applied to:
Newcastle University
University of Birmingham
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University of Leeds
Nottingham Trent University

I received offers from all 5.


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