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Since humans have existed we have been susceptible to disease and illness. With the progress in the search of treatments for long-standing diseases accelerating faster than ever before, I believe that now is the perfect opportunity to utilise my interests in cell biology, biochemistry and neuroscience by studying a biomedicine degree.

Most recently a major breakthrough in Alzheimer's disease research was made. The use of a drug-like chemical to treat prion disease in mice holds exciting prospects of a cure for humans as the treatment showed signs of halting neurodegeneration. Major breakthroughs in scientific research being accomplished provide not only a new area of extensive research but also mean scientists are a step closer to finding a cure and the possibility of a new discovery being made drives my ambition to pursue a career in biomedical science.

From a glance one cannot appreciate the sheer brilliance of the human body until it is observed at a molecular level. I find it truly extraordinary how every cell, tissue, and organ in the body communicates to maintain the body at an equilibrium. Even more fascinating is the body's ability to tackle disease which entails the site of infection transmitting signals to the brain.

Dyspraxia, the developmental co-ordination disorder which my brother suffers from like the neurodegenerative disease Alzheimer's, is incurable. This has given me intrinsic motivation toward studying biomedicine at university as I strongly believe through research of the pathogenesis and the underlying causes of disease, scientists can discover solutions to our health problems. One particular area of research that I find really impressive are the pilot studies that have investigated tumour necrosis factor throughout the stages of Alzheimer's disease. These studies have found that using etanercept to inhibit the inflammatory cytokine, tumour necrosis factor alpha resulted in the activation of glial cells which means this could be a new approach toward treatment of the disease.

Through the practical laboratory work that entailed investigating the effect of altering substrate concentration on the rate of an enzyme-controlled reaction sparked my fascination in biochemistry. I find it truly extraordinary how DNA, a single molecule in the human body is capable of producing countless numbers of proteins vital to the survival of all living organisms in existence.

In conjunction with my academic studies, I do voluntary work at the Rowans Hospice. From my experiences of working at the hospice which involves serving meals and drinks to patients on the wards I have learned to properly appreciate the work that doctors do in a hospital environment. I thoroughly enjoy my voluntary work at the hospice because I believe it is very rewarding being able to interact with the patients. Outside of my academic studies I am a talented athlete. Since the age of 10 I have frequently trained for athletics and cross country events. Having represented the City of Portsmouth Athletic Club at national level as part of a team and as an individual, I have demonstrated effective teamwork and commitment, these skills I believe are the foundations to success at university.

Throughout the summer I participated in National Citizen Service. This gave me the opportunity to develop my interpersonal, team leadership and communication skills. These skills were fully utilised when I successfully organised with the help of my team a charity sports event.

Being at the forefront of cutting-edge scientific research has inspired me to want to study science further to fulfil my career ambition of becoming a haematologist however, I also like the idea that if I were to carry out medical research I would venture into a new realm of science in which I could potentially discover something extraordinary that would revolutionise biomedicine and make a huge difference to people's lives.

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I intend to on completion of my Biomedical Sciences degree fulfil my ambition and do postgraduate Medicine.

Mr J Warren


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