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How does DNA code for so many different and contrasting things? This is a question that has always intrigued me and has sparked my interest in genetics. During the A-level genetics topic, I discovered the complexity of DNA, which lead me to read ‘How to code a human’ by Kat Arney. A particular section in this book, discussing whether all DNA is important made me curious as to why it exists in the first place, thus encouraging me to read ‘Epigenetic Revolution’ and ‘Junk DNA’, both by Nessa Carey and attend a lecture also by her. This built on my A-Level knowledge of different genetic mutations and the changes that they cause in the body.

My EPQ entitled ‘To what extent does the prenatal substance abuse of heroin affect brain functions of an addicted fetus’ was inspired by and supports my Biology and Chemistry studies. In particular the topics of Immunology and Chirality, by focusing on how the chemical structure of heroin allows it to diffuse into the brain via the blood-brain barrier. It was interesting to learn about the complexity of the developing brain and how such a simple molecule can affect it, as well as how aggressive the withdrawal process can be, leading to an onset of Neonatal abstinence syndrome. My EPQ has helped me develop crucial skills that will aid me in higher education, including reading vast quantities of information in a concentrated period of time and understanding scientific documents. I also had to become more organised as the EPQ is completely independent, which forced me to learn the skills of time management and forward planning.

I arranged to complete a work placement at GlaxoSmithKline because it allowed me to experience both the practical and corporate side of the pharmaceutical industry, which I have always been interested in working in. Whilst there, I learnt the importance of perseverance when struggling with new and complicated scientific terminology. However, it also allowed me to further understand the complexity of the drug development and the patenting process. I was surprised by the huge number of different criteria that the drug needed to meet and the various safety measures that they have in place. I extended my learning by completing an online course put on by the University of Leeds which explored the development of cancer medicines. This built on the knowledge that I had gained and allowed me to understand not only the different types of medication that can be used to treat cancer but also the different ways that they attack the disease.

Through participating in the biology mentor scheme, I was able to discover more about how others learn and consolidate my understanding of biological processes. This, combined with my participation in the Student Learning Committee, enabled me to feedback new and innovative ideas for how people can learn effectively and expand my knowledge on cognitive development. I am now able to use these different methods, like dual coding, to help me in my academic studies.

Having been committed to Girl Guides for 13 years, I have gained the title of young leader, meaning I have been able to work with children of all ages, ranging from age 4-16. This has taught me the crucial skill of teamwork, as well as encouraging relationships within the community. I volunteered at Nazareth house, which is a care home for elderly patients, where I was able to learn about their lives and see the impact that biology has on the ageing population.

Whilst furthering my education at university, I wish to fully answer my initial question and further develop different lifelong academic skills. The thought of studying Biomedical Sciences at university greatly excites me, and I would be keen to immerse myself in all aspects of university life.

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