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From a young age, Biology in particular has always captivated me. One of my earliest and fondest memories is being gifted a copy of “My First Human Body Book” and how I would spend hours discovering the immune, skeletal, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems. The more I learnt, the more I questioned and the more I wished to broaden my knowledge. Science, perhaps, is where I hold my fondest memories. I look back to when I was studying for my GCSEs, the enthusiasm I brought to classes and the stream of questions I would constantly ask the teachers. My desire to broaden my knowledge increased and as time went on, I realised just how expansive the human body actually is, and how many intricate chains of reactions need to occur and how hundreds of different components all need to communicate with each other to maintain a delicate balance essential for survival.
All these factors lead to me choosing to study Biology at A-Level, alongside Chemistry and Psychology. Biology and Chemistry both require critical thinking, analytical skills, data handling, abstract reasoning and great manual dexterity, all of which are assessed in many of the practical assessments I have taken part in over the year. Practical work in chemistry has exposed me to laboratory work, an essential skill in the Biomedical Field and helped improve my analytical skills as we have had to deduce the composition of unknown chemicals by using appropriate tests.
Through the pathology enrichment programme at Rochdale Sixth Form College, I have had an opportunity to analyse blood samples, test for blood types and identify differences between healthy blood cells and unhealthy blood cells, such as blood cells in a person who has sickle cell disease, who will have crescent shaped red blood cells as a result of genetic mutation affecting an individuals’ haemoglobin. I have represented my college as an ambassador during open evenings on several occasions, directing experiments in both Biology and Chemistry to help inspire young minds. This experience helped boost my confidence and teamworking skills, all of which will help me with presentations during group-based tasks and when working amongst others during lab practical work.
Over the course of 8 months, I attended an access programme where I was given many opportunities to take part in medical related workshops. One particular workshop was the Medicine and Dentistry Simulation day, which I particularly enjoyed. There were many tasks where we learnt essential medical procedures including intubation, measuring blood pressure and testing reflexes in the on-campus infirmary. This all helped familiarize myself with medical procedure and provided me with valuable skills that will be beneficial in a healthcare setting. I completed a 1500 word academic assignment as part of the access programme on CRISPR and how it can be used to treat Sickle Cell Disease, which was my chosen topic. As part of this assignment, I had to familiarize myself with Harvard referencing and how to find reliable academic resources to use as part of my assignment. I also learnt how to use Google Scholar in great depth to filter my searches to find specific resources, all of which will help make the transition to university life smoother as I already have an understanding of how to properly cite my work. Other workshops included a university life conference, where we participated in several team-building exercises, such as developing and pitching a new society and creating a current affairs presentation. These workshops helped enhance my networking skills, essential for university life as I will be entering an environment involving people from many backgrounds.
Outside of my academic commitments, I also enjoy reading. I have recently finished re-reading Lord of The Flies, realising how many themes I hadn’t previously grasped, such as the loss of innocence of the boys and how the innate primal tendencies of the boys, especially Jack, are amplified as the novel progresses. I also enjoy going to the gym with friends to socialise and improve my physical and mental wellbeing.
The chance to fulfil my ambition in the biomedical field would be greatly appreciated. I am driven, hard-working and believe I have the skills and dedication required to be a student of Biomedical Sciences and face the challenge it will present.

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