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Life has always been the most fascinating subject for me because of its simplicity and complexity: the primitive cells only consist of basic cell structures and operate on simple chemical pathways, but the different life forms that it evolved into could be stunningly beautiful and incredible. I believe that biomedical sciences could not only fulfill my desire to learn and uncover more about the mysteries of life, but also allow me to contribute to the advancement of remediation methods so as to save more lives and reduce suffering.

Through my study of biology in school, I have learnt to appreciate the patterns and unpredictability of life and nature. I am especially drawn the mechanism of coordination which allows different organs and systems, each with different spontaneous functions, to work in synergy and harmony. In addition, I have also taken up Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics as I believe these subjects would boost my logical thinking and data analysis skills. Seeking to learn more widely than the syllabus required, I joined a science summer program organized by the University of Hong Kong. It was where I first encounter with new concepts such as cell poration and stem cell therapy.

I have also gained important experience and insights in conducting research through joining 'Searching for Nature Stories 2015', a competition organized by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong. Along with three other group mates, our group is required to conduct scientific research about a local species in Hong Kong. My group came up with an investigation on the effect of noise pollution to predatory behavior of Cyprinus carpio. It was an unforgettable experience which transformed me from a student who had not a single clue in how to put forward a question, design an experiment and test the hypothesis to someone who is confident to carry out a scientific investigation. As a highlight of my secondary school life, I was chosen as one of the few participants in a 1-year science research program co-organized by my school and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. During the year, I was able to learn about tools and techniques frequently used in a biochemistry laboratory along with two of my classmates. Even though we had failed to reach our original goal-- engineering a DNA plasmid with split-GFP to facilitate the identification and purification of protein-protein/peptide complex, I have gained valuable insights into biochemistry.

I was also selected to be a summer student at the school of biomedical sciences in the same university. To better understand my work, I read about lung cancer and learnt to use different types of instrument and apparatus in the laboratory. Although it was tough at first, I adapted to this style of learning very soon as I am a dynamic person who is determined and not afraid to take up challenges. In school, I was in charge of managing all the clubs and teams in the school and bridging between the other-learning-experiences manager in the school as a committee member of the ECA committee and holding regular meetings with members and share profoundly about books as a reading club committee. The two posts call for very different skill sets: being able to mediate between different people to meet a solution and putting forward my own opinions while encouraging others to do the samet.

Besides mastering these two skills very well, I have also become a more responsible and cooperative member in a team. I wanted to study in the UK because of her richness and diversity in culture as well as large research impact. I believe your university could bring me a refreshing and eye-opening learning experience gave me a valuable opportunity to learn from, and eventually become one of the people who relentlessly strive to change our lives for the better.

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I am an international student from Hong Kong and English is not my mother language. Writing the personal statement was, therefore, such a daunting task for me. I had always thought that it was not as good as other personal statements on this website:(

Applied to Imperial, Edinburgh, UCL, KCL and Leeds. Only the latter 2 uni accepted me.


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