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Spending time in hospital, due to health issues, led me to have a great respect and admiration for those who work to develop the treatments, drugs and procedures I had undergone. This, alongside my inquisitive nature and awe of the complexity of the human body, drew me to a course in Biomedical science. I want a role in society where I will be able to help people, however it wasn’t until I attended a STEM workshop at my local hospital that I realised to help people, you didn't have to become a doctor. A degree in biomedical sciences would offer me the opportunity to explore the scientific processes behind future medical treatments.

Biology A-level has shown me how amazingly complicated the human body is, even the processes that happen at a cellular level are extremely complex. It was remarkable to see how vital the cells and organs of the human body are when visiting a human dissection lab which helped bring the subject to life. Chemistry’s organic side has allowed me to understand biochemical processes; for instance the development of drugs such as thalidomide and the importance of scientists when creating new medications as to not have repeats of the scandal that ensued the prescription of thalidomide's optical isomer. As developing new drugs has such a global impact, my study of French, albeit not a scientific subject, will aid me with my career in this ever growing international industry. I believe this combination has not only given me an extensive and deepened knowledge into what biomedical sciences is about but has also given me a strong foundation for the course.

Articles such as HIV’s Resistance to CRISPR from the New Scientist allows me to learn more than just what my Biology specification entails and keeps me updated with the vast new scientific discoveries every week. Certain articles have even led me to carry out my own independent research projects. Most recently I have been reading into how certain enzymes can help prevent the HIV virus from reproducing and in turn reduce the viral load of the patient. I have also gained access to biomedical lectures such as the function and production of T-lymphocytes, giving me an insight as to what awaits me at university.

During my work experience at the Intensive Care Unit at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital and at the gastroenterology ward of St Peter’s hospital, I was surprised to see how essential the role of the biomedical scientists was and how much the health services rely on them. When I entered the ICU I was told that only half of the patients would survive. Although distressing, it also highlighted that there was still so much more to discover and to be done in the medical field to help reduce this number. The power biomedical scientists have to help find ways to save the lives of the patients confirmed my desire to study biomedical sciences so that I can eventually invest all of my ability into making new discoveries.

Aside from my academic endeavors, I have been volunteering since February with special needs children. The responsibility of caring for these children, despite being highly demanding, has helped me to improve my communication skills, patience and has taught me to cope with difficult situations. My role as deputy managing director in my Young Enterprise team and being part of my school's chamber choir and has improved my teamwork skills, especially when I was given the opportunity to sing Messiah at the Royal Albert Hall. I have also been a member of my school’s Model United Nations. Attending conferences and using my public speaking skills to debate with people helped to raise my confidence whilst keeping me well informed with current issues such as controlling outbreaks like the Zika Virus.

I am a motivated student and I believe my passion for the subject, my experiences and my skills will be great assets for my future university and I greatly look forward to being able to follow a path in the biomedical field and help make a difference in people's lives.

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