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Biomedical science is at the forefront of understanding how cellular biology interplays with the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. The complexity of the human body, especially the brain, has always fascinated me, ever since a family member was diagnosed with an incurable mental illness in the early years of my academic life. Studying biomedical science will allow me to further my knowledge about the biology of the human body, which I hope to progress onto studying neuroscience in order to pursue my ambition.

As a result of studying biology, my understanding of the significance of molecular biology in disease pathology has deepened. In year 12 I conducted research on the effectiveness of hydroxyurea, an agent that inhibits the activity of the enzyme ribonucleotide reductase in the treatment of sickle cell anaemia. This work improved my research skills, including my analytical and critical thinking abilities, which are essential for undergraduate level. For example, I researched my topic in scientific journals and books such as "The Management of Sickle Cell Disease" by the National Institute of Health. The molecular biology of the brain intrigued me in particular during a psychology lesson on the nervous system and how drugs such as benzodiazepines reduce stress by enhancing the release of GABA, a pre-synaptic neurotransmitter. My brief introduction to the anatomical regions of the brain, such as the amygdala, and their corresponding functions has piqued my interest to further study other anatomical and biochemical features of the human body.

During two weeks of work experience at the Blizard Institute I shadowed various PhD students specialising in different scientific areas. I had the opportunity to plan and carry out practical lab work efficiently alongside a team of scientists, using a range of molecular techniques such as polymerase chain reactions and gel electrophoresis. Understanding theories and then applying them practically helped me develop confidence as these hands-on experiences enhanced my communication and technical skills, such as problem solving. Interpreting our results and then hypothesising as to how they might be applicable in the real world involved thinking analytically and with a degree of creativity. It was a very rewarding and educational experience. Additionally I was lucky enough to shadow a member of the Pathology lab in Royal London hospital, studying procedures in a spinal cord dissection. I realised the degree of patience required due to its delicacy. The practical skills that I acquired from my time in the lab have motivated me to broaden my knowledge further in gaining a greater understanding of academic research.

Throughout Year 12, I acted as an ambassador for the Afro-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust Bone Marrow charity, giving presentations to two year groups encouraging them to sign up for the bone marrow register. I found delivering presentations to a large audience challenging for me - as a loud, confident voice is required. However, our group worked together as a team to overcome our inner fears and we managed to persuade 126 students and teachers to sign up as potential stem cell donors. During that experience, I learned about the mechanisms of leukaemia and how bone marrow transplants from stem cell donors are required to match to save a potential life. Working with the National Careers Service, I met the challenge of climbing the highest mountain in Wales and gorge walking with a mixture of excitement and determination. Achieving this goal made me realise that I am able to surpass my fears and rise to challenges. I am looking forward to the wider opportunities university life affords, such as involvement in charitable societies and events.

I know I will apply myself wholeheartedly to university study and I would relish the opportunity to expand my knowledge about cellular biology and its impact on disease progression and treatment.

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