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The human body is comprised of a range of interconnecting biological processes, that work in conjunction to ensure the continual functioning of all organs and systems. Understanding each individual component provides the opportunity to identify how invading pathogens alter the body’s responses. Studying Biomedical Science at university will allow me to explore a range of topics; from the anatomy of the body, to the factors affecting our genes.

By participating in the pilot study of The 100,000 Genomes Project, I was given an exclusive insight into the science surrounding epigenetics, and the molecular mechanisms that lead to mutations. It was this experience that presented the possibility of studying Biomedical Science, fuelling my desire to explore the inter-functioning processes of the human body. After completing a short Openlearn course entitled Inheritance of characters, I was able to identify the roles that both Mendelian Inheritance and evolution play on genetic inheritance.

Science Gifted and Talented were given the opportunity to complete the Biology Olympiad, stretching our biology knowledge past the specification. The challenging nature of the questions provided me with an advanced understanding of biology, as well as a certificate of commendation for my efforts. We also attended a day of science orientated lectures during Science Week 2016, immersing us in a range of fascinating scientific concepts from the advanced processes of reproduction & ovulation, to the effects of a gravitational shift on the planet.

Last year I took part in a Year 7 science busking event, where groups of science ambassadors were given a scientific concept, and told to create an interactive explanation. Each team was placed at individual stations, and Year 7 students were prompted to choose the best team, and place a token in their basket. The end of the event found our team in second place, with ‘the science of the whirlpool effect’. Being able to successfully interpret and translate complex concepts into simple terms is a skill I will find very beneficial at university, as it will help me explore techniques that support my learning, in addition to reinforcing the application of new concepts in the real world.

As an extracurricular opportunity, I visited the rural town of Musoma, Tanzania with my school. Over two weeks, we constructed a series of concrete water tanks that provided the villagers with safer drinking water, by collecting rain from the gutters. In turn, this lowered the rates of people contracting treatable waterborne diseases. We then proceeded to visit a village clinic, where we were able to learn how diseases invade the body. I began to recognise the detrimental effects of malaria on the lives of the people by observing the behaviour of a malaria parasite after being introduced to a concentrated antimalarial treatment under a microscope. This experience gave me the opportunity to begin exploring the invasion of parasites in the blood, as well as the potential damage on the functioning of the liver and other organs.

Outside of school, I have participated in a series of regional events with the Senior Dance Troupe I attend. Our first event at The King’s Theatre, Portsmouth highlighted the importance of executing tasks with both accuracy and precision, only having one chance to perfect our performance. The most recent event in Westcliff-On-Sea, found me allocated the lead dance role, emphasising the importance of both perseverance and dedication.

Through studying Biomedical Sciences, I will be able to further explore the vital role of our immune system, and the scientific discoveries that have contributed to fighting diseases invading the body. The experiences I have been presented with have each highlighted my dedication and love for biology and the human body, subsequently motivating me to ensure each task I undergo is executed to the highest standard, which I believe will be reflected within my studies at university.

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