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Inasmuch as I have thoroughly enjoyed the comprehension of complex and abstract phenomena during my studies of physical chemistry, a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary science, I find the continuation in that direction most appropriate and natural.

Consequently, I have realized that a multidisciplinary approach is crucial for adequate problem grasping and its subsequent solving.

The quantum phenomena conjugated with physico-chemical characteristics of matter, as well as their application in biology, together with mathematical data processing, is the best example for that.

The work on Parallel Transmit MRI project at xxx College, which involves both theoretical exploration and experimental MRI, attracts my strong interest.

I am confident that I could, if given the opportunity, significantly contribute to this research project.

During the nearly 5 years of active rowing in xxx Rowing Club, I won more than 40 medals on both national and international regattas as the strokeman in several disciplines.

Besides strong self-discipline, competitive spirit and an optimistic viewpoint, the most valuable thing that I attained by rowing is the strengthening of my stamina, which I have often found quite advantageous.

By placement in the finals of FameLab, a competition organised by the British Council in xxx and the xxx Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, with the purpose of finding science communicators, I obtained very useful practical experience and skills in presenting and conversing with audiences of different backgrounds.

More recently, I have commenced the collaboration with the Science department of the xxx Broadcasting Corporation, through which I have learned how to conceptualise, organise and realise events in cooperation with people from an utterly different vocation.

The contest also provided me with the opportunity to give oral presentations on different topics at seminars and at the Science festival in xxx and the xxx Research Center, which has broadened my sights and improved my communication skills.

Besides science, I find great contentment and satisfaction in the visual arts, especially in painting and sculpting, therefore I finished a short school of drawing and painting in 2001.

As much as obligations allow me, I reward myself with painting on walls, cloth and furniture as well as with clay modelling.

I deem the dynamic, demanding, and rewarding environment of xxx College most appropriate for engaging my capacities and reaching my full potential.

The experience in my hitherto engagements as student and junior researcher in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, together with my strong personal motivation, make me confident that I am well prepared to successfully integrate into the team of the Faculty of Medicine, Division of Clinical Sciences at xxx College.

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This personal statement was written by banebane for application in 2008.


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Very good statement; you must have really impressed the interviewer with this.


Although not enclosing the college name, I think it's pretty much certain that you were trying for Imperial.

A good personal statement, sounds like you deserve to go there in all honesty



Pretentious and irritating

I would personally not want you studying in my hospital however brilliant you may be. You should learn to use fewer words to come across as a more real person. The words "I deem" at the end are particularly irritating.


I think someone ate a dictionary? :P

Really Cool

Really Cool! (Y) We should organise a session together ;) Really Cool

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