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The world of science is ever changing, old theories to which we have sculptured our whole lives around are being disproven every day and that coupled together with completely new discoveries is a prospect so exciting, something which can be found in no other field, for example the how it was previously thought, parts of the tongue can only perceive certain tastes but now we can see that all parts of the tongue can recognise salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami taste sensations.

The inquisitive mind that I have can only tamed by my thirst for answers. It's so intriguing to learn the different procedures behind every day processes in our daily lives, such as how the rods and the cones found on the retina in the eye are working together allowing me to see as I type. It's this inquisitiveness that propelled me to excel in my GCSE's.

The opportunity for me to gain such a prestigious role in the medical field especially when it ties in very closely with my favourite subject, biology is one which I cannot afford to pass up. Biology at A level has really broadened my understanding of the subject and has reinforced my belief that this is where my career lies, helping me gain substantial knowledge in some aspects of biomedical science; immunology and basic anatomy, biochemistry and physiology; applying things I've learnt in to practise in everyday life, also stimulating me to probe deeper in topics of interest to me which serves as a good foundation for things I will further learn during the course.

As a more mature student there is no better time for me to take hold of this opportunity the study biomedical science, as a much more focussed and well-rounded individual then when I was 18. My grandmother was a nurse, from a very young age, interest in the medical field had always been there. I always enjoyed her stories of her times badgering her for more details in scientific terms, at one point she would tell me the stories I would be giving her the scientific basis behind the procedures and illnesses I knew and research ones I did not.

I've worked in a primary school as a teaching assistant, involving me looking after students, helping students with various aspects of their work and also supervising on trips; I think this helped me develop and hone my skills as a trust worthy and reliable person but also an attentive person. Working in retail certainly helped with my communication skills, efficiency as well as maintaining a good temperament and being patient. I also for a brief period worked in a care home for residents undergoing neurorehabilitation and here I further rebuffed myself as a person whilst building relationships with the residents as I helped them ease back into a normal life, assisting them through several medical and practical techniques.

I think all the skills gained through these various employment experiences will help me throughout the duration of my study but also in my professional life after study where I will venture into the world trying to start my scientific career. I enjoy watching and playing football in general, I played competitively for Shoreditch F.C. from under 11s right through to under 16s. I was also an active member of the debating club at my school, helping me establish the skills necessary when working in a team.

I read a variety of genres from manga to novels to classics, one of my favourite authors being James Patterson, I also write in my spare time, poetry and short novels based on real-life experiences, I'm also a fervent music fan. I relish the opportunity of joining the community of a university which I feel will help me to evolve as a professional, ready to benefit the world through healthcare.

I am very certain that I will be able to contribute positively to the university which will accept me, working together with others, rendering and receiving help from my peers and lecturers and all those who I meet along the way.

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