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Life, the universe and everything - areas of eternal human endeavour.

My penchant is for the life aspect; specifically medical science and its fundamental role in 21st century life, something I've first-hand experience of, seeing two highly intelligent systems in science and human anatomy come together as one.

I have observed radical development of treatments and their subsequent integration into everyday therapeutics. A Crohn’s diagnosis ten years ago prompted the divulging of my disease’s story; all the while absorbing the stories of patients with diverse experiences and afflictions.

These are the stories that drive me and that I intend to be part of changing in the future through the study and practice of medical science.

Immunology and genetics are areas that enthuse me, particularly the harnessing of the body’s phenomenal power to develop from a single cell into complex constituent parts; stem cell transplantation to ‘reboot’ the immune system potentially providing a vast range of patients with a life of normality, if one believes in such a thing.

Correspondence with senior consultants and Prof. Hawkey, director of Nottingham University’s ASTIC trial, offered valuable insight into the future of autologous stem cell therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

We spoke of what treatment involves as a candidate, the long and short term pros & cons and associated risks; offering a glimpse into the difficulties doctors, scientists and patients face in the stages of such treatments - teaching me that while techniques are advancing they are yet to be perfected. Further research is always vital.

Pursuit of further knowledge regarding new treatment and developments means I am well versed in medical literature, accessing online publications such as those by the Institute of Child Health and Genomics England; with whom I’ve the pleasure of working with, alongside Bart’s Health and the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, as part of an advisory group reviewing literature, exploring how upcoming research can best be run and findings published in a way accessible to all.

Volunteering on behalf on Crohn’s & Colitis UK I met with representatives of pharmaceutical companies, including Janssen, discussing chronic illnesses’ effect on everyday living and how their research can be amplified to improve this for patients worldwide. Such meetings allow me to put tough and insight-gaining questions to those at the top.

My passion for science is lifelong. At the forefront of primary school ‘Science Week’, I would demonstrate ‘kitchen cupboard’ experiments. Developing my interest throughout secondary school I chose the triple science course in addition to four GCSE options, receiving awards for achievement in all subjects; showing my ability to manage time while achieving high standards has been prevalent from a young age.

I advance my interest with study of the Access to Higher Education in Science course. The anatomy and physiology oriented syllabus is ideal for personal intrigue and relevant in regards to my future aspirations. Choosing to study via distance learning means my independent learning and research techniques are consistently tested and improved. Self-assessment and acknowledgement of weaknesses is key to my development and success as a student.

I pursue passions for rugby and volunteering by working on behalf of charities affiliated with the national team and club team Harlequins. A fondness for live music saw me work with the BBC and charity ‘Why Not People?’ regarding access to music as a disabled young adult.

All my passions see me engage with a wide range of people - enabling me to exercise eloquence, to learn, to listen and importantly, to laugh.

My ability not to falter in the face of adversity in addition to a true understanding of empathy show traits of an ideal candidate. I offer personal and academic skills that perfectly complement the nature of medical science and will see me excel in my studies.

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I got offers from Royal Holloway, York and Kings for Biomedical Science.

I got an offer from UCL for Applied Medical Sciences and that's where I'll be off to in September!

I hope someone finds this of use, obviously mine is especially personal but every little helps!


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