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My grandfather used to be a teacher in Biology and I really enjoyed reading and looking through his textbooks when I was a child. He is the person who first introduced me to the world of natural sciences and inspired me to further explore that field of study. Since then I have been captivated by the human anatomy: how it functions and what a complex and well-organized system it is. What attracts me most, however, are the human life processes and how they could be obstructed by disease. This is the reason why I choose to study Biomedical Science at degree level.

My school curriculum included extensive study of Biology and Chemistry and I received a thorough grounding in this subject area. I had the opportunity to develop my analytical and communication skills while taking part in different study tasks and discussions. For me, the most intriguing were those about Genomic Structures, Biotechnological developments and Human Immunity. I also participated in several projects about Cell Reproduction and Human Anatomy (grade 10), Genetic mutations: the Down syndrome (grade 11), and a project in Organic Chemistry about "Cellulose (C6H10O5)n (grade 12). All those have enriched my knowledge and experience and enhanced my interest in Biology and Biomedicine. Moreover, I have always been fascinated by scientific research and the opportunity to become a specialist in diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

I can claim that I am a well-organized person and I always manage to find time for my diverse interests. While in high school, I worked part-time as a waitress in a restaurant and I gained useful experience. I improved my organizational skills because my position involved creating work schedules and training new employees. I also learnt how to handle stressful situations. Last but not least, I had the opportunity to practice and improve my communication skills in English. I think all these skills will be very useful for my degree course and will help me adapt to the new environment. My present position involves the use of computers for organizing databases and filling in documents. Also, I have the responsibility to provide accurate assessments of bank credit applicants. Both of these positions have helped me become more serious, independent and self-confident.

Not all of my work experience has been as a paid employee. I was a volunteer in an orphanage where I helped children with their lessons and homework. I also worked with the talented ones providing advice and practice in drawing and singing. Assisting the psychologist who worked with those kids, I was able to appreciate the importance of good health to human development and everyday life. The experience made me realize how much I would like to care for people and that I would like to embrace the opportunity to study Biomedical Science, with an emphasis on human immunity, diseases and life processes.

I am applying for a degree course in the U.K. because British universities provide excellent opportunities not only to gain professional qualifications of the highest standard, but also to live and work in a multicultural environment. I have no doubt that I will be able to cope with a course taught in English because I have studied the language for 5 years at school and I attended an extra-curricular intensive course for 6 months when I was in grade 11.

Out of school, I have also found time for different sports activities, art classes and poetry writing. I am a member of a Karate club and I have participated in several local competitions and two art contests where I gained 1st place. In 2006 I was awarded 1st prize in a poetry contest. All these activities helped me become a hard-working, competitive person and taught me how to show my best.

Biomedical Science is a great course which will give me a good grounding in both practice and theory. After graduating from university I would like to continue my education in the field of Medicine.

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This personal statement was written by lady_metal for application in 2008.

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Well it was really difficult to write it because I knew what exactly I wanted to say but I didn't know how to say it! So I hope that this will help you in one way or another and I wish everybody good luck with their applying or studies!
My Personal statement is 47 lines longer!


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great statement. thank u for

great statement. thank u for sharing that with us. i hope you r very successful in what your are doing wight now if your not already :)

This is the best personal

This is the best personal statement I've seen so far.

That statement is amazing, it

That statement is amazing, it is so well balanced.
Thank you for sharing it with us,it has reminded me of alot of things i need to include in mine!


This is a well balanced personal statement and is very interesting to read. Your ambitions and interests are very similar to my own and so i have found this particularly helpful while writing my personal statement. Thank you very much.


This is a great personal

This is a great personal statement. Thanks for sharing it :D I hope you all the best for the future :) .. X

This was a great personal

This was a great personal statement. It was very honest and at the same time quite substantive. Quite focused, too, and the introduction about your grandfather was an excellent way to start. Good luck with your studies!

It 's a excellent personal

It 's a excellent personal profile ; I can feel your passion for medical Science .

Top Dog!

Top Dog!


I think this statement is quite good. Although it lacked something, I just don't think that this statement would be memorable? Good luck in the future though!

Very good! This statement was

Very good! This statement was a good example, it gave me a good idea about how a personal statement needs to be ;) Wanted to ask, where r u from? Goodluck!

good one!

good one!

this PS is the one that has

this PS is the one that has appealed to me the most. thanks for sharing =]


Volunteering at an orphanage? any person who does that should get automatic entry to anywhere they want to go.

I would love to have something like that in my P.S.

This is a great personal

This is a great personal statment and has helped me loads. Thank you for sharing it with us

kimberly rimmer

kimberly rimmer

applying for biomedical...

I'm applying for biomedical science and this statement is just great! Been a lot of help to me :) good luck to you


The opening is waffle and cliche.



Although a well written

Although a well written personal statement, I feel that there is too little about the extra curricular activities. This person is obviously interested in their subject and has obtained many achievements, but this doesn't necessarily set them aside from other academically focused students.
However, it is a good statement overall.

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