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Studying an academic science at university has been the ultimate ambition since turning fifteen after dissecting a heart and realising that this vital organ – just like science it self – is the core of life, as without it where would we be?

I have discovered the sciences to be entirely fascinating as these subjects offer the explanations to our very survival both mentally and physically.

The human being is a fantastic creature that has captured the world and made it their own but why, and how? Only biology can explain the physiological implications that make us superior; that is of course if we really are.

The human race survives and expands with intelligence and instinct but the society we live in today is saturated with social segregation, aggression, hierarchical statuses and mob violence that we have employed to survive? Or maybe these aspects of our society are determined by socioeconomic statuses, cognitive inabilities or abnormal behaviour, all of which can be explained by the captivating subject, psychology.

Both Biological and Psychological aspects of the world are enthralling and I strive to study these units further as I find them a pleasure to embrace and comprehend.

I have a passion for knowledge and a mind full of curiosity. Studying biology has fulfilled my childhood wonders; how am I able to walk, run and jump? How can I see, hear and touch? I want to know more about the human body and its complexities; the energy systems, anatomy, metabolic processes, human evolution and physiology.

I enjoy practical Biology and have experience ranging from entrapping enzymes to dissecting eyes in addition to field trips such as Gibraltar point, studying ecology and using equipment to measure variation and vegetation.

Psychology has provided me with hundreds of emphatic theories and studies establishing a solid foundation of knowledge that I wish to expand, delving into the thoughts of theorists and provoking ideas and facts about the human mind: why are we ethnocentric?, why do we abide by the law?

Studying these subjects has required me to create and proceed with experiments that have allowed me to be familiar with standard procedures, ethical guidelines and the use of statistical analysis such as chi square; All of these contributing to the development of the research skills I possess. I have enjoyed practical and theoretical sports.

Studies which have intertwined both sciences as all three syllabuses share similar modules, developing my application and recall skills in addition to those more subjective skills such as analysis and the ability to support opinions with evidence, derived from English literature.

For the last two years I have worked in a factory which has enhanced my independence, enabled me to manage my own finances and time and has given me significant experience in team work. I also worked at a primary school as part of my work experience, helping prepare lessons and assist pupils.

Through school I competed in football, rugby and athletics; competing nationally in the latter and representing Humberside which meant travelling widely around England which was fulfilling as I met hundreds of new people and was able to take responsibility for my own training and event participation.

Outdoor pursuits such as camping, mountain biking and travelling to France have developed confidence and taught me to take appropriate opportunities, as these create success.

I keep a balance between studying and socialising and value a healthy lifestyle, regularly attending the gym, swimming and sauna; quite often playing sports such as tennis, football and snooker, and reading novels or interesting informational texts.

Studying one or both of my desired sciences at university would enable me to answer the many questions in my mind, provide me with the chance to explore a new place and meet its people, but would most importantly ensure me of a successful career in teaching, as I aspire to make a difference.

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